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Exploring BALL Watch Company Watches

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Ball Watch Company has one of the most remarkable backstories in the industry to pair with an incredible selection of luxury watches. Their history begins way before the development of railroads across the United States when there was no need for a standardised time or any real accuracy in timekeeping. This however changed after a head on collision between two trains in Kipton, Ohio when they were using the same lines in opposite directions. The disaster resulted in several deaths, all because one conductor’s watch stopped working for four minutes.

In an attempt to make train journeys safer for both travellers and employees of the railroad, a gentleman named Webb C. Ball was hired to set up tests and standards for all watches used on trains. Web C. Ball was able to set up a “RR” or Rail Road standard which ensured that all watches used on trains were of high accuracy. He also created the BALL Time Service which allowed every railway employee to bring their watch in every two weeks to ensure its reliability was optimal.

Remaining in their home country of the United States, the Ball Watch Company continues to be one of the most respected and established watch brands in the world. They remain convinced that all BALL watches should be of high precision with every detail of their designs following the same guidelines of the original standard railway watch. Most BALL watches also now boast COSC certified movements that are accurate to −4/+6 seconds a day.

Today we will be breaking down all the latest BALL watch collections to help you find the perfect model for you. From BALL Chronographs, to their incredible limited editions to BALL Hydrocarbon watches, to Engineer, Engineer Master and Fireman watches, there is a BALL watch out there for everybody.

BALL Engineer II Watches

Named ‘sport-elegant’ watches, the BALL Engineer II watch collection boasts a classic design alongside fantastic features that enhance durability including cases that are shock resistant up to 5,000Gs with anti-magnetic protection up 4,800A/m.

These highly functional and attractive men’s watches are dream timepieces for men always on the move. The BALL Engineer II Moonphase watches boasts attractive moonphase dials while the BALL Engineer II Green Berets watch beautifully tributes the United States Army Special Forces, otherwise referred to as the Green Berets. Their highly legible dials are decorated with BALL’s famous micro gas tubes which will glow without any external power for up to 25 years.

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BALL Engineer III Watches

The sibling of the Engineer II, the BALL Engineer III watch collection brings sport-elegance to the next level with large Arabic numerals, new case materials and options for larger case sizes. The BALL Engineer III Marvelight is one of the collection’s most well-known models for its enlarged date window at 3 o clock and BALL RR1103 automatic movement.

We have also recently been treated to some of the first bronze watches by BALL including the BALL Engineer III Bronze Marvelight and Bronze Star. Both models feature solid bronze cases that will change colour over time. When exposed to the pH levels in perspiration and moisture in the air, bronze develops a natural patina so the BALL Engineer Bronze watches become completely unique to their wearer.

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BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon Watches

Taking things one step further again, the BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon watch collection is known as the Ultimate Explorer’s watch thanks to its exceptional resistance and exclusive range of patented innovations. These include a triple folding buckle on the strap which promises extreme resistance and long term quality and a special crown protection system which guarantees superior water and shock resistance.

There are a huge range of BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon watches to choose from, but we are particularly fond of the BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU with its flawless automatic Swiss made movement and impressive water resistance of up to 2000ft/600m. Another favourite is the BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon AeroGMT II for its functions designed for use while travelling including three time zone indication and bidirectional rotating bezel.

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BALL Engineer Master II Watches

Providing all the same functionality as the previous Engineer models, the BALL Engineer Master II watch collection combines them with ultimate diving features including exceptional water resistance and an exclusive inner rotating diving bezel fitted with luminous micro gas tubes. Most of the BALL Engineer Master II watches also come with classic functionality like day and date windows and large luminous hands and markers for easy legibility.

The BALL Engineer Master II Skindiver II is a remarkable example of the brand’s ability to combine their patented exceptional technologies. Fitted with 15 double-sized micro gas tubes on hour, minute, second hands and dial for night reading capability, an automatic helium release valve and a 43mm stainless steel case shock resistant to 5,000Gs, this model can withstand almost anything thrown at it.

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BALL Trainmaster Watches

Moving away from the Engineer range, the BALL Trainmaster watch collection provides exactly what the name suggests – a highly accurate watch designed as if Webb C. Ball had done it himself. They epitomise the values of reliability and tradition of the BALL legacy alongside sophisticated designs made from polished stainless steel or solid gold.

Once again, we are spoiled for choice with BALL Trainmaster watches to choose from. The BALL Trainmaster Manufacture 80 Hours watch showcases one of the brand’s in-house movements, the BALL RRM7309-C, which has been COSC certified and provides an impressive power reserve of 80 hours. The Trainmaster Eternity watch is another one to keep an eye on with some of variations showcasing a mesmerising silver dial detailed with a unique textured finish.

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BALL Conductor Watches

The BALL Conductor watch collection instantly stands out from the rest and will be a huge hit for fans of square shaped watches and vintage watches. Named the ‘tonneau’ shape, each BALL Conductor watch has TV screen shaped anti-reflective crystal on both the front and back allowing us to the workings of the movement on both sides.

For the men, the BALL Conductor Vanderbilt Chronograph makes a striking impression on the wrist with a look that reminds us a lot of the famous TAG Heuer Monaco. Limited to 1,920 pieces, the model boasts chronograph function with central chronograph seconds and a unique sub dial measuring 45 minutes. For the ladies, the Conductor Translucent Pearl is a must have just for its mesmerising mother of pearl dial and diamond dot indices.

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BALL Fireman Watches

Last but not least is the BALL Fireman watch collection which brings together robust timepieces with simple designs that embody the railroad practicality in contemporary watchmaking. Many of the BALL Fireman watches come equipped with the brand’s famous Amortiser patented anti-shock system designed to protect the mechanical movement against damages caused by external shocks.

The BALL Fireman Nightbreaker is one of the brand’s latest releases and is completely distinctive for its bold dial decorated with large Arabic numerals at 12, 4 and 8. The dial is also fitted with 15 micro gas tubes on hour, minute and second hands and dial for ultimate legibility alongside an enlarged date feature at 3 o clock.

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If any of these incredible collections of BALL Watch Company watches have taken your fancy or you would just love to learn more, please feel free to head over to our website or contact our talented team of watch specialists at sales@cwsellors.com or on 01335 453453.