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About Derbyshire Blue John

Derbyshire Blue John is a mineral, sourced locally from the Blue John mine, Treak Cliff cavern. Famous for Blue John Jewellery CW Sellors has continued to produce award winning designs. 

Derbyshire Blue John, A great British gemstone. 

Found only in the caverns deep below the Derbyshire Peak District village of Castleton, the Derbyshire Blue John gemstone is one of the world's rarest minerals, whilst also being instantly recognisable by the eye-catching blue, purple, yellow and white fluorspar bands which run through it. 

Steeped in rich history, it was first displayed throughout stately homes of the UK and made world famous by the craftsmanship of Mathew Boulton in the late 19th century. There are fourteen known varieties of this beautiful gemstone and for over three decades C W Sellors has maintained a heritage and unrivalled knowledge in the design and manufacture of finely crafted jewellery collections. 

At the heart of our jewellery collections, is a team of talented in-house designers and craftsmen who share a wide understanding and passion for lapidary, gold and silversmithing. With having an exclusive choice of this prized, Derbyshire gemstone that is produced from the Castleton mine they can create the most beautiful and award-winning handcrafted British gemstone jewellery, which can be seen throughout all our boutiques and online.

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