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Whitby Jet

Discover our beautiful ranges of handcrafted gold and sterling silver Whitby Jet Jewellery, handcrafted and precision set with the finest quality English Whitby Jet, sourced from a two mile stretch of the North East Yorkshire coastline. Our exquisite jewellery designs are handmade within our very own workshops, each gemstone carefully hand selected, precision cut, and polished to perfection. Whitby Jet has an intense unique black high lustre finish, takes an extremely high polish. The expression Jet Black has been a commonly used phrase for hundreds of years, which makes for truly unique, and striking pieces of jewellery. Whitby Jet is an organic gemstone formed in the early Jurassic period from fossilized monkey puzzle tree. Thought to be in the region of 180 million years old, Jet is formed under high pressure, and frequently discovered in seams of shale compressed over millions of years. Seams of Whitby Jet can on occasions be visible in the Yorkshire coastline, which often extend under the seabed. Pieces of Jet may often break away in rough seas and harsh weather conditions, before being washed up on the shores. The Whitby Jet gemstone became fashionable during the Victorian era, with strong links to the British Royal Family, worn by Queen Victoria as tribute to her late husband Prince Albert. Jet can be found in small deposits across the world, including Germany, Spain, and the United States of America, but the finest gemstone jewellery quality Jet, has always been sourced from Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. We offer an unrivalled selection of Whitby Jet jewellery, including our precious diamond set jewellery collection of Whitby Jet rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, finished to the highest standard and suitable for all occasions.

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