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Pearl Jewellery

Discover our beautiful selection of Pearl Jewellery. We offer a huge selection of freshwater, and cultured Pearls, which have each been carefully selected and graded to meet our exact standards. Pearls are an organic gemstone varying in colour, size, and shape, dependent upon the type of mollusk and region of origin. Pearls can be produced by oysters, clams, or muscles, in freshwater or saltwater environments, and are one of the only gemstones produced by living organisms. They are formed when a foreign substance passes into the oyster between the mantle, and the shell, the mantle becomes irritated. As a means to protect itself the organism coats the irritant with a substance called nacre. Over many years, layer upon layer of nacre eventually forms to become a pearl. We offer an unrivalled selection of Pearl jewellery, including rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, finished to the highest standard and suitable for all occasions.


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