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Preseli Bluestone

Discover our beautiful crafted Preseli Bluestone jewellery collections. Preseli Bluestone is the stone used to build the prehistoric monument Stonehenge over five thousand years ago. Originally sourced from one single quarry in Wales, the stone is thought to have been carried hundreds of miles across the country to build the magnificent structure where it is today. But the magic doesn’t stop there, it is also thought that the Preseli Bluestone was transported to Camelot by Merlin for the construction of King Arthur’s Round Table. The flecked quartz crystal within the hard granite is reminiscent of the night sky, streaked with hints of green, grey, blue and white. Our beautiful Preseli Bluestone jewellery collections are designed and handmade within our own workshops. Own a piece of magic and true English heritage with our Preseli Bluestone jewellery from rings to earrings, necklaces and bracelets finished to the highest standard and suitable for all occasions.

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