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Valuation Services


Your treasured pieces in safe hands


As part of our comprehensive customer services, we offer a professional and independent jewellery, watches and silverware valuation service

To ensure full peace of mind, integrity and independence on all valuations, we are partnered with industry leading specialists and the UK’s largest Assay office to provide you with the best customer service and the safe keeping of all pieces whilst in our care.

Our access to a team of passionate, highly experienced, qualified valuers is used to provide valuations on all items, both contemporary and antique. All are Fellow members of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

We can help you determine the value of jewellery, watches or silverware for a variety of purposes including;

  • Insurance Valuation

  • Probate Valuation

  • Private Sale Valuation

  • Family Division Valuation

Should you wish to discuss any of our Valuation services, please click here to find contact details of your local boutique. Alternatively, you can complete the form at the bottom of the page which will provide all the necessary details for our valuation team to follow up and proceed.

Our Valuation process is simple and straightforward, with a transparent pricing structure starting at just £99 per item of a valuation up to £2,000 and capped at £349 for any valuation (per item) of value over £20,000*. We accept single articles or happy to accept larger quantities of items for valuation. 

Value - Per Item (£)

Jewellery Valuation Charge (J)

Watch Valuation Charge (W)

(£) £0.00-£2000

(J) £99.00

(W) £119.00


(J) £119.00

(W) £139.00


(J) £129.00

(W) £149.00


(J) £139.00

(W) £159.00


(J) £149.00

(W) £169.00


(J) £159.00

(W) £179.00


(J) £169.00

(W) £189.00


(J) £189.00

(W) £199.00


(J) £199.00

(W) £219.00


(J) £219.00

(W) £229.00


(J) £239.00

(W) £239.00


(J) £249.00

(W) £249.00


(J) £259.00

(W) £259.00


(J) £269.00

(W) £269.00


(J) £279.00

(W) £279.00


(J) £289.00

(W) £289.00


(J) £299.00

(W) £299.00


(J) £309.00

(W) £309.00


(J) £319.00

(W) £319.00


(J) £329.00

(W) £329.00


(J) £349.00

(W) £349.00

*Please note - Complex items that require extensive research or assessment may be subject to additional charges which will be advised before the valuation is undertaken.

We provide you with a document folder enclosed with detailed description, reference image, and replacement value for each individual item supplied.

We also hold each valuation on a digital record for retrieval should you lose your original documentation.



A valuation is researched and professional opinion based upon experience allied with formal training in gemmology, diamond grading, settings and jewellery manufacturing processes, along with other specialist areas of product and watch knowledge. Below we have covered some common questions regarding valuations.

Why would I need a valuation for insurance?

In the event of loss, a valuation will establish how much the jewellery was worth, so it will make your claim easier. A correctly written valuation will help you prove your ownership of a piece, offering a much more detailed description than a standard shop receipt. It can also assist with recovering stolen property, all too often, the police recover stolen property, but the owners are unable to prove ownership, meaning the property cannot be returned to their rightful owners. Even if your insurance company does not require a valuation, you may still desire one, offering peace of mind.

What is meant by a Probate Valuation?

Probate is the legal process of dealing a person’s assets after they pass away. This is usually conducted by those who carry out the wishes of the deceased person, as stipulated in the will. If you are settling an estate, this is the valuation you need both to ensure there is a fair distribution among the heirs and is also a legal requirement by HMRC for items over a certain value. This is referred to as a probate valuation.

Unlike an insurance valuation which indicates the full retail replacement value, this assessment is based on the market value of the jewellery at the time of the deceased death. In other words, how much the items would be likely to fetch at auction.

How often should I get my jewellery valued?

The value of gemstones and gold are affected by currency and world markets and subject to change. To ensure your valuation remains current and accurate, we recommend it should be revisited at least every three years.

Insurance Replacement Service

Anyone who has had to replace lost, stolen or damaged jewellery will tell you that it can be an emotional time. Many find that insurance companies give conflicting advice or worse, push their customers to only use their preferred advisers. While we hope that you never have to replace a special piece of jewellery or family heirloom it’s worth remembering that an insurance company cannot force you to use specific suppliers.

If this unfortunate situation ever arises, come and speak with us and we will do all we can to replace the items you have lost. If your piece was bespoke, our in-house jewellery designers can produce a replacement that mirrors the original.