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Diamond Care

Each individual piece of C W Sellors diamond jewellery has been expertly crafted to be worn, cherished and loved for a lifetime. To help keep your diamond jewellery as sparkly and as breathtaking as the first day you bought it, we have created a handy diamond care guide with some useful tips on how to keep your diamonds protected and clean. 

Jewellery Storage

We always recommend keeping your diamonds and jewellery stored in a safe and protected place when you are not wearing them. It is ideal to keep the original box handy for this reason, but you can also purchase jewellery boxes and jewellery wraps on our website

It is always worth keeping your diamond jewellery away in storage while you are undertaking certain chores or activities. From cleaning, cooking, exercising to travelling, all these activities can put your jewellery at risk of damage. Harsh cleaning products and physical or manual activity are some of the main causes of wear and tear to diamond jewellery. 

Caring For Your Jewellery

Jewellery should always be removed when bathing, showering or swimming. The settings used on diamond rings are designed to show off the glistening stone and give it access to light. However, when exposed to water and other soaps, creams and moisturisers, the setting can become clogged up and can not only reduce the intensity of the diamond’s sparkle but impact the tension within the setting. 

Precious metals, diamonds and other gemstones should also be kept away from abrasive chemicals such as hairspray, perfumes and cosmetic products. We always recommend claw set diamonds and gemstones to be regularly checked by a specialist jeweller every 6 to 12 months. 

Caring For Your Diamonds

Diamonds are widely known for being the hardest known material formed under high temperature and extreme pressure. However, although they are very hardwearing, caution must always be made to avoid direct impact and heavy contact to diamonds as in rare instances they have been known to crack or cleave.

We strongly recommend having your diamond jewellery professionally cleaned every 3 to 6 months to keep your diamonds always looking their absolute best. 

Clean Your Jewellery Regularly

We offer a fantastic jewellery cleaning and repairs service in our stores or by post. No matter how little or often you wear your jewellery, at some point it is going to be necessary to get it cleaned. Simply call into your nearest C W Sellors store, or send us your jewellery using with a fully tracked and signed for delivery service, including a brief covering letter explaining your requirements. Our workshops are based in the heart of the Peak District, Ashbourne in Derbyshire.

We use specialist jewellery cleaning and polishing equipment including ultrasonic and steam cleaning tools that will transform your jewellery to look brand new again. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us by visiting one of our fabulous stores or alternatively speak with our dedicated team of diamond jewellery specialists online or over the phone for advice on diamond care and our collections of diamond jewellery. Contact us today on 01335 216 004 or email us at sales@cwsellors.com.