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Your Smart Watch May Help Detect Disease Early

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The technology within many of today’s smartwatches and wearables is remarkable and many people across the world make use of them to reach fitness goals, track their location, monitor their sleep and keep in touch with the world around them. But what if we told you smartwatches can help detect disease and other illnesses early?

During the outbreak of the coronavirus, many of us are feeling the strain and anxiety that comes with looking after ourselves and taking responsibility for the health of those around us, but it may ease the minds of some of you to know that a smartwatch could help you detect the virus and prevent you from spreading it. Today we will be looking at some of the latest Garmin smartwatch releases to show you how their incredible functionality can help you detect illness early.

Garmin Fenix 6 Smartwatch

An icon, the Garmin Fenix 6 is filled with many remarkable features that make is a must-have for an adventurer, fitness freak and health fanatic. As well as its dynamic PacePro feature, music storage and long-battery life, the smartwatch comes with an innovative Respiration Tracking feature which allows you to monitor how you’re breathing throughout the day, during sleep and during breathwork and yoga activities. This feature can also be incredibly beneficial in notifying you of any changes in your breathtaking pattern, an essential feature for detecting certain viruses which show symptoms of difficulty breathtaking.

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Garmin Instinct Smartwatch

Designed for those that don’t like to follow the easy path, the Garmin Instinct has been engineered to withstand the elements with military standard toughness. As well as multi-GNSS satellite support, outdoor sensors and smartphone notifications, these smartwatches come equipped with Wrist Based Heart Rate Monitors that are essential in tracking your pulse during workouts and throughout the day. Studies suggest that your heart rate is indicative of changes in your health and when your pulse elevates it may be a sign your body has taken on a virus, so by monitoring your resting heart rate and comparing it to previous weeks you may be able to detect illness.

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Garmin MARQ Smartwatch

The Garmin MARQ collection is one of the brand’s latest in luxury smartwatch design. It includes six different models, each tailored to their own specific wearer including the MARQ Athlete for the fitness freak, the MARQ Driver for the adrenaline chaser and the MARQ Captain for lovers of the ocean. But one thing that all these Garmin smartwatches have in common is a Pulse Ox Detector, otherwise known as a blood oxygen monitor. This incredible feature is used for displaying your blood oxygen saturation levels and is used by athletes to assess their physical condition and formulate their own fitness goals. However, the function can also be used in detecting illnesses in the body and could be essential in identifying the illnesses like the Coronavirus which have symptoms like shortness of breath.

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Garmin Vivomove Smartwatch

For lovers of fitness and fashion, the Garmin Vivomove provides the perfect combination of both with incredible preloaded sport apps, wellness monitoring tools and a remarkable hybrid design with a hidden touch screen display. These smartwatches also include an Advanced Sleep Monitoring feature which could become essential in notifying you of changes in your body. As well as tracking your sleep duration, sleep quality and sleep phases it can even record some environmental and lifestyle factors that may affect your sleep pattern. If you notice that your sleep is becoming more disrupted than usual, it could be a sign you are becoming ill and waking due to fevers or sore throats.

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