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My Last Rolo – A Valentine’s Day Gift That Lasts

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There is only one problem with Rolos of the caramel and chocolate kind – they don’t last forever. C W Sellors ones will. Here’s why the sentiment behind the My Last Rolo Valentine’s Day gift will stick around longer than any chocolate.


We can all remember one of the most famous Rolo adverts of all time. A boy teasing a baby elephant into thinking he was sharing his last Rolo. When that elephant came back to smack him across the cheek with its trunk, it felt thoroughly deserved! Luckily, we don’t have to think about giving up the last tasty morsel from our pack of Rolos these days, because we have innovative gifts that come in the form of gold, platinum or sterling silver – the My Last Rolo gift collection by C W Sellors. They make for the most perfect gift idea for Valentine’s Day. They don’t melt, they’re not calorific and you don’t need to fight over them.


A Unique Partnership


The My Last Rolo concept was forged between C W Sellors and Nestlé over 20 years ago and has formed an integral part of our company vision. This long-lasting partnership with the world’s largest food and beverages company is a testament to the innovative and emotive message behind the collection. After all, giving up your last Rolo is the ultimate sacrifice. With the My Last Rolo series from C W Sellors, you can tailor your choice of gift for your loved one depending on whether they’d prefer a necklace, a charm, or a signature My Last Rolo keepsake. Whichever you decide, they all come beautifully wrapped up in a luxurious ribbon-finished gift box adorned with the iconic Rolo logo.


Why Choose a My Last Rolo Gift? 


Valentine’s Day – the most romantic day of the year – is renowned for gifting boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers. It’s so easy to walk into a shop and pick up either of those two gift ideas and come home to your loved one with a last-minute gift that feels rushed and generic. At C W Sellors, we don’t do things that way. 


Every gift idea we showcase within our exclusive collections, whether handmade or created by a revered jewellery manufacturer, is unique and evokes thoughtfulness. When looking for the perfect gift ideas for her this Valentine’s Day, you may opt for a scintillating diamond necklace or a hand-crafted pair of gemstone earrings from our endless jewellery collections. For him, a luxury timepiece may be on his wish list. For something entirely unique, however, we may suggest you explore the My Last Rolo collection and pick out something just as special. An outside-of-the-box gift that is guaranteed to put a smile on his or her face this Valentine’s Day. 


The My Last Rolo Collection


My Last Rolo designs are no run-of-the-mill gift. Exclusively endorsed by Nestlé, C W Sellors is the official manufacturer of these gold-plated and silver-plated designs. The range doesn’t stop at the signature My Last Rolo keepsake, either. T-Bar bracelets, necklaces and charms are also available.


If you’re lucky enough to have someone in your life worth giving your last Rolo to, then the everlasting kind, enrobed in gold, platinum or silver is the ultimate gift idea for him or her. The cute, keepsakes can be engraved with a special message from you to them and are displayed inside a special Rolo presentation box to complete the experience. The My Last Rolo jewellery range represents the chocolate and caramel-filled confectionary most elegantly and timelessly. Not only do they last forever, but so does the sentiment behind them.


If you were planning on going all out this Valentine’s Day, a platinum version of the My Last Rolo keepsake, set with 17 round brilliant-cut diamonds is an exquisite option that is sure to make your loved one feel truly spoilt this February. One of the most versatile Valentine’s Day gift ideas from the My Last Rolo collection by C W Sellors, however, is the charm selection. They are incredibly versatile. Available in silver, rose gold and yellow gold, these chocolate motifs will fit on most charm bracelets, including Pandora, Chamelia and Troll Bead. If your loved one would like to begin their own charm bracelet from scratch or add to an existing one, we recommend you take a look through our beautiful charms collection here at C W Sellors. 



The My Last Rolo necklace range is a great gift idea for those who would like to carry a token of love with them wherever they go. The designs, available in rose gold, yellow gold or sterling silver plating, are adorned with one single round brilliant cut diamond at the centre of the design. Simple and elegant, the My Last Rolo pendant is beautifully suspended from a chain link necklace. It secures comfortably to the back of the neck with a refined clasp, making it easy and comfortable to wear. The hanging chocolate motif, although small, can accommodate up to three initials on the reverse of the Rolo pendant or a special date that may signify an important moment in your love story. 


So, the question remains – do you love somebody enough to give up your last Rolo? If you do, do it in the most tasteful of ways this Valentine’s Day and select a lasting design from our My Last Rolo jewellery collection here at C W Sellors


Well, that’s the awkward part out of the way. You certainly won’t need to give up your last caramel-filled chocolate Rolo this Valentine’s Day! 


If you’d like to learn more about the range or make a purchase, you can explore the entire My Last Rolo collection at C W Sellors today. You can also call our sales team on 01335 216004 or email us a question at sales@cwsellors.com