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Exploring Ebel Watches

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“Beauty marries function”; the slogan for Ebel watches which perfectly describes their philosophy and the breathtaking aesthetics of their designs. Originally founded in 1911, Ebel was the vision of husband and wife Eugene Blum and Alive Levy. In the male-saturated industry of watchmaking, the pair decided that it was time to enliven the industry and bring a combination of both masculine and feminine qualities to a luxury timepiece.

Eugene Blum was fascinated with the technology and function of watches while his wife Alice concentrated on the beauty and splendour of design. Together ‘beauty married function’ and they created a stunning range of stylish timepieces that adored the brand’s famous Kissing E logo on the dial, a symbol that personified this marriage of femininity and masculinity. One of the brand’s greatest and most iconic releases is the Ebel Sport Classic first introduced in 1977. This model still holds its place as one of their flagship collections with elegant geometry, distinctive round cases and wave pattern bracelets.

Let’s take a look at the Ebel Sport Classic watches in more detail alongside all the latest Ebel watch collections…

Ebel Sport Classic Watches

First released in 1977, the Ebel Sport Classic watch collection was designed in Eugene Blum and Alive Levy’s search for perfection. Their beauty flows from their simplicity with elegant geometric features which include stunning stainless steel bracelets with a sinuous wave pattern and perfectly round cases punctuated by distinctive screws. There are a huge range of Ebel Sport Classic watches for women and men to choose from including designs with diamond dot indices, traditional Roman numerals and sporty green or blue dials.

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Ebel Wave Watches

Another icon, the Ebel Wave watch collection is instantly recognisable for its distinctive bracelet design. The individual links showcase graceful curves that look like ocean waves, a feature that not only looks immaculate but allows the bracelet to mould comfortably to the wrist. Some of the Ebel Wave watches also have extra detailing of rose gold or yellow gold plating between the links for an unmissable finish. These timepieces are also noticeable by the Ebel logo at 12 o clock with the famous kissing ‘e’ symbol taking central stage beside a choice of diamond dot indices, roman numerals or sleek indices.

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Ebel Brasilia Watches

New for 2019, the Ebel Brasilia watch collection brings to life the femininity of the rectangular watch with the power of a Swiss quartz movement. Their parallel cases are softened by rounded edges while their remarkable accuracy is displayed beautifully through sleek stainless steel hour and minute hands. With the collection being so new, we are currently treated to just three models: two mother of pearl with diamond indices and one white opalin dial with Roman numerals. We are excited to see what other Ebel Brasilia watches will grace our wrists next year.

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Ebel Beluga Watches 

Ever since it launched in 1985, the Ebel Beluga watch collection has beautifully transitioned women’s timepieces into luxury pieces of jewellery that can be worn every day. Their newest designs feature slimmer bracelets that sit comfortably against the wrist alongside curved cases and graceful silhouettes with diamond settings, mother of pearl dials and stamped silver galvanic centrepieces.  We particularly love the solid 18 carat yellow gold model decorated with an array of diamonds set across the case and lugs for a breathtaking and luxurious look.

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Ebel Discovery Watches

For the men, the Ebel Discovery watch collection is the only place you need to look for a robust, strong and statement timepiece. The Ebel Discovery Bronze watches are remarkable for their unique case material which develops its own patina unique to the wearer. The Ebel Discovery Chronographs are another fantastic addition to the collection for their extra sports functionality and high precision ETA 2894-2 automatic movements. With exquisite beauty and exceptional functionality all round, the Ebel Discovery watches perfectly epitomise the philosophies of founders Eugene Blum and Alive Levy.

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