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Exploring Bell & Ross Watches

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Renowned for their instruments that originate from the cockpit and land straight on the wrist, Bell and Ross have mastered what is means to make a perfectly engineered pilots watch. Instantly recognisable for their unique square shaped cases, Bell and Ross Pilots watches take their inspiration from all sides of the field from flight jackets to drop tanks and dashboard counters. Despite being best known for their aviation inspired pieces, Bell and Ross are also highly regarded for their divers watches and motor racing watches.

Bell and Ross first came to life when a team of watch designers and aeronautical control panel specialists decided to join forces and create a range of pilot’s instruments that were perfectly suited for professional use. While also drawing inspiration from the history of aviation and the military specifications that surround it, they promised to meet four basic principles within every design: legibility, functionality, precision and reliability; four requirements that can mean the difference between life and death for pilots.

With the intention of creating luxury watches that could be worn by both everyday wearers and professionals in their field, Bell and Ross knew that they would have to gather as much knowledge as possible from professional users, designers, engineers and master watchmakers. Every Bell and Ross watch that you see today continues to undergo a huge amount of exploration and testing before being released to the market, with institutions like the Police National Raid, National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) and the French Naval Air Force wearing them on a daily basis as reference.

Today we will be breaking down all the latest Bell & Ross watch collections to help you find the perfect model for you. From Bell and Ross Chronographs, to their incredible limited editions to Bell and Ross diving instruments, there is a Bell and Ross watch out there for everybody.

Bell & Ross BR 01 Watches

The brand’s most iconic design, the Bell and Ross BR 01 perfectly epitomises their vision of creating the ultimate pilots watch. Taking inspiration from aeronautical instrumentation, each and every BR 01 watch measures to 46mm in size and provides incredible legibility and reliability for when you are in the skies – while also exciting those of us that prefer to stay on land!

There are a huge range of Bell and Ross BR 01 watches to choose between from classic stainless steel models, to daring all-black carbon cases and the all-mighty famous Bell and Ross BR 01 Laughing Skull watch. At first glance, it may seem preposterous for the Laughing Skull to be classed as a pilots watch with its slightly terrifying but undoubtedly cool design. Nevertheless, the black Superluminova coated dial ensures legibility in all levels of light while its incredible automaton movement allows the mouth of the skull to move up and down as the watch is wound by the crown, giving it the illusion of laughter and providing some fun in the cockpit.

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Bell & Ross BR 03 Watches

Showcasing a similar look to the BR 01, the Bell and Ross BR 03 watches treat us to a smaller case size of 42mm for those of us with slimmer wrists. We are once again provided with exceptional aviation inspired designs but this time available with extra functionality including a date window between 4 and 5 o clock, extra lume on the dial and a whole other variety of complications including chronograph function, GMT, power reserve indicators and some remarkable diving watches.

One of our favourites is the Bell & Ross Watch BR 03 92 Diver Green Bronze Limited Edition which boasts a gorgeous olive green dial and a unique bronze case which changes colour the more you wear it. It's combination of aviation and nautical inspired features makes it the perfect Bell and Ross watch for those who like the adrenaline of both the sky and ocean. The BR 03 92 MA-1 Limited Edition watch is another fan favourite which pays tribute to the US Air Force’s legendary MA-1 bomber jacket of the 1950’s. Its gorgeous orange and khaki green aesthetic matches the colours found on the original legendary jackets while its BR-CAL.302 automatic mechanical movement impresses with a power reserve of 40 hours. 

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Bell & Ross BR S Watches

Bell and Ross BR S watches offer the same famous aviation designs from the BR 01 and 03 collections but with incredible Swiss quartz movements. While still boasting the large luminous Arabic numerals, square cases and variety of designs, the BR S watches showcase some of the industries most accurate and precise battery operated movements. You can also find some BR S Automatic watches that step away from the designs we’ve seen already and come presented with sleek indices and hands rather than bold numerals.

The Bell and Ross BR S watches are also home to some of the brand’s most breathtaking range of watches for women. The BR S Diamond Eagle watches are inspired by how aviators used stars as visual navigation in the past. Their smooth dials are decorated with a cluster of diamonds formed in the pattern of the Aquila constellation, also known as Jupiter’s Eagle. Some of the Diamond Eagle watches also come decorated with 0.99ct diamonds set across the bezel for an unbelievable sparkle.

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Bell & Ross BR V1 Watches

Taking a break from the square look, the Bell and Ross V1 watch collection is the first of its kind by Bell and Ross to showcase a traditional round case. Still designed to equip pilots with their ultimate aviation instrument, each Bell and Ross V1 watch measures to 38.5mm in size and comes equipped with a highly legible dial coated in Superluminova and a high precision automatic movement.

Once again, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing from the vast range of Bell and Ross BR V1 watches available. While still boasting an aviation inspired design, the Bell and Ross BR V1 Bellytanker watch dips its fingers into the world of motor sport with a design that honours the high-speed cars made directly from the spare drop tanks of WWII Bellytanker planes. It’s stunning bronze dial tributes the copper finish on the race car rim’s while the black minutes scale is reminiscent of the detailing on the car’s nose.

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Bell & Ross BR V2 Watches

Providing the V1 design in a larger 41mm finish, the Bell and Ross BR V2 watch collection delivers a range of sporty pilots watches equipped with an incredible range of functions and rotating bezels with 60 minute scales. From simple date function, to chronograph complications and GMT hands, the BR V2 watches are the perfect Bell and Ross watch for those that want the traditional round case with plenty of functionality.

The Bell and Ross BR V2 chronograph watches are some of the most highly praised for their masculine aesthetics and sporty straps. The Bell and Ross BR V2 Racing Bird is extraordinary and comes after the design of one of the brand’s famous conceptual pieces. The Racing Bird plane was designed by Bell and Ross as the counterpart to the timepiece providing a modern take on a traditional pilots watch with a uniquely themed dial and sophisticated metal bracelet.

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Bell & Ross BR V3 Watches

Last up from the vintage collection is the Bell and Ross BR V3 watches. These magnificent sport watches continue to uphold the brand’s four key values of legibility, functionality, precision and reliability in a masculine, motor racing inspired case. There are currently only two models within the range with it only being a new addition for the brand, but they are absolutely breathtaking designed in collaboration with the Renault Sport Formula One team.

Bell & Ross has been the official watch partner of the Renault Sport Formula One team since 2016, and every year they have released their own range of limited edition watches to celebrate their partnership. For this year, we were treated to a brand new Bell and Ross BR V3 watch available on two strap options: metal bracelet and leather. The colourful chronograph comes in a classic round case, a carbon fibre dial and exceptional timing functions including a 30-minute counter at 9 o’clock, 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock and central chronograph seconds. We are hopeful that more BR V3 watches are hitting wrists soon!

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Bell & Ross BR-X1 Watches

The Bell and Ross BR-X1 watch collection is one we could look at all day long. It comes from the brand’s Experimental range and features a mesmerising collection of skeleton watches. While still showcasing the brand’s typical aviation aesthetic, each BR-X1 watch is designed with more technical content including openworked chronographs, ceramic and carbon plates, tourbillon movements and unbelievable sapphire glass case 

Once again, we are spoiled with a huge variety of Bell and Ross BR-X1 watches to choose from. One that was released earlier this year at Baselworld 2019 was the BR-X1 Phantom Limited Edition. This extraordinary timepiece is limited to only 250 pieces and boasts an all-black design crafted from black PVD coated titanium and matte black ceramic. The skeleton dial will leave you entranced as the BR-CAL.131 movement with its 56 jewels and chronograph function works its magic. The Bell and Ross BR-X1 watch collection certainly proves the brand’s skills when it comes to Haute Horlogerie.

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Bell & Ross BR-X2 Watches

Just like the BR-X1, the Bell and Ross BR-X2 watches come from their Experimental range and yet somehow each piece takes things once step further. Fitted with exceptional Swiss made tourbillon movements, wound by a micro rotor and built into a transparent house, these watches bring a sense of elegance and confusion to the table.

There are currently only two Bell and Ross BR-X2 watches available with each limited to less than 100 pieces each. Firstly is the BR-X2 Tourbillon Micro Rotor watch which shows off elements of the  BR-CAL.380 movement through the sapphire case and dial. The BR- X2 Skeleton Tourbillon Micro Rotor boasts all this alongside a completely skeletonised dial which magnifies the movement in the iconic Bell & Ross square shape. It’s impossible not to fall in love with these Bell and Ross BR-X2 watches but your bank balance might have something else to say!

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If any of these incredible collections of Bell & Ross watches have taken your fancy or you would just love to learn more, please feel free to head over to our website or contact our talented team of watch specialists at sales@cwsellors.com or on 01335 453453.