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Ditching Traditions – Four Leap-Year Proposal Alternatives at C W Sellors

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If a leap-year proposal is on the cards this month, you’ll want to make the moment memorable. C W Sellors has a huge selection of luxury designs that are perfect for a female proposal. Say “yes” to any of these and your fiancé-to-be is sure to say it right back.


The novelty and the sentimentality behind the special date of 29th February make it an obvious contender for ladies wanting to pop the question uniquely, but how to choose a befitting token for such a rare day? Here at C W Sellors, we’ve curated a list of unusual proposal ideas that are sure to make your chosen moment all the more special.


Whatever piece of jewellery or luxury item you choose to mark the moment you make a leap-year proposal, you can be sure you’ve chosen wisely if you’re shopping with us at C W Sellors this February. From the more conventional gold wedding bands to an exquisite pocket watch or a pair of elegant cufflinks, each idea we’ve listed below is perfect for marking a special relationship milestone like a leap-year proposal. Before we delve in, however, you may be wondering where the tradition of the leap-year proposal came from and why it’s still such a popular thing today.


The History of the Leap-Year Proposal


You wouldn’t want to be in a man’s shoes back in 1288 when Scotland passed a law that stated any man rejecting a proposal from a woman on 29th February would be subject to a hefty fine! That’s right, you couldn’t say no, and if you did, there’d be a price to pay! But surprisingly, the leap-year proposal didn’t originate from Scotland. It came from Ireland back in the 5th Century.


St. Brigid of Kildare complained to St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, that women were being forced to wait far too long for their suitor to ask them for their hand in marriage. With that, St Patrick declared that women could have the opportunity to do so on the 29th of February – a date that only comes around every four years. Irish monks took the tradition to Scotland where a law was passed before the tradition spread to Western Europe.


Today, a leap-year proposal is still considered a bit of a novelty and with a society driven by breaking the norms, there has never been a better time do to it. Literally! Let’s look at some of the best alternative leap-year proposal ideas to present to your loved one when planning to pop the question this February 29th.


Leap Year Proposal Ideas


A leap year is the perfect chance for a woman to take the lead and pop the question to her loved one. With 29th February fast approaching, you may already be planning to get down on one knee. The problem is, what do you do it with? A ring, a watch, or something else? This guide to alternative leap-year proposal ideas is sure to give you plenty of inspiration.


Pocket Watches


No luxury item personifies the importance of a special moment in time quite like a pocket watch or luxury timepiece. Pocket watches are the ultimate token to accompany a leap-year proposal. They are classic, elegant and will last a lifetime. If the love of your life prefers timepieces to items of jewellery, a beautiful pocket watch design from our collections online here at C W Sellors is sure to make the moment all the more special.


Choose from traditional-looking Tissot pocket watches made in the company’s Le-Locle-based manufacturing facilities, or timeless designs from the more affordable Rotary selection. Our range of pocket watches accommodates every budget and every style. What’s more, our huge luxury watch collection is also waiting to be explored, where you can choose from brands like Breitling, Bremont, TAG Heuer, Chopard and Longines to name just a few examples.


Men’s Cufflinks


What if your fiancé-to-be doesn’t wear jewellery? Our men’s range of luxury cufflinks solves that problem. Surprise your loved one this February, not only with a leap-year proposal but with a pair of beautiful cufflinks. They’re a great alternative to wedding rings and engagement rings and come in various styles.


When you explore our men’s cufflinks range here at C W Sellors, you can find exquisite designs from Montblanc. Choose from classic Meisterstuck designs to the more ornate-looking Sartorial collection. Montblanc also offers contemporary designs incorporating coloured resin and, of course, the iconic Montblanc emblem - a symbol of enduring style and meticulous craftsmanship. You can also choose from a wide selection if C W Sellors in-house cufflinks desings sporting authentic Whitby Jet or designs from the likes of Fope, Faberge, and Breitling


Wedding Rings


Wedding ring designs are a great way to propose to your loved one on a leap year. Our extensive range of men’s wedding rings from C W Sellors offers an unparalleled selection of designs for you to choose from. From classic to contemporary, our wedding ring designs can be enjoyed in a variety of different materials, ensuring you can choose a design that best suits the style of your loved one. Choose from yellow gold, platinum, rose gold and palladium, not to mention designs tastefully adorned with discreet diamond detailing.


A ring may seem like the obvious choice to mark a proposal, but our designs are far from average here at C W Sellors. In fact, our bespoke wedding ring designs, handcrafted here in our authentic workshops, add the wow factor to any proposal. They guarantee that you’re adding that all-important dash of uniqueness to your already unexpected leap-year proposal, with a ring designed by you – the one who knows him best.


Men’s Luxury Gift Hampers


Our men’s luxury gift hamper range is perhaps the least expected leap-year proposal idea of them all. You can still get down on one knee and present a ring to your loved one, but a gift hamper is the perfect way to set the scene. Likewise, if your loved one prefers a low-key setting, something intimate and personal, a luxury gift hamper is the perfect alternative to a traditional ring proposal.


Our range of luxury hampers for men contains everything you need for a celebration. Choose a design pre-arranged by our C W Sellors team and explore our many themes online, or choose some special gift items yourself and compose the ultimate proposal hamper. If you wish to combine a ring and a hamper, however, look no further than our Champagne Chocolate Proposal Picnic Hamper options. Choose from a Bannockbane Rug or Herringbone Vintage Rug and contact a member of our team to select the ring design of your choice. Other items in the hamper include a bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne and a box of handcrafted Holdsworth chocolates. For a ready made hamper including luxury gifts, the The Peak Heritage Hamper is a perfect choice for your loved one.



Map out your proclamation of love with us here at C W Sellors this February. With an extensive range of leap-year proposal ideas here online, you’re sure to find the perfect token of love to symbolise everlasting happiness with your soon-to-be fiancé.


If you’d like to explore more leap-year proposal ideas, you can shop our huge array of jewellery designs and luxury gift items here at C W Sellors, or call and speak to a member of our sales team today on 01335 216004. Alternatively, you can email us a question at sales@cwsellors.com.