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Septembers Birthstone Sapphire

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September’s Birthstone Sapphire – what does your birthstone say about your personality?

Alongside August and July, September is the most popular month for birthdays – and that is extremely lucky considering that its birthstone is the wonderfully captivating Sapphire crystal. The term Sapphire, even without seeing a piece, conjures up images of a gorgeous deep blue gemstone with great depth and immense charm. It makes us think of the luxurious crystal sat next to amethysts and rubies on the breastplates of ancient royal warriors or the gifts only good enough to be given to kings and queens of the world. But Sapphire is still widely used and admired today. Those with the beautiful crystal as a birthstone will feel a particular affinity towards its alluring presence and a desire to learn more about its properties.

Sapphire Jewellery


The Sapphire gemstone representing the birth dates from August 24th to September 23rd is formed from Aluminium Oxide which is created by both volcanic processes and a mixture of pressure and temperature changes of metamorphic processes. Liquid magma deep inside the earth cools and minerals are crystallized. There are only a handful of places on earth where rock outcrops expose these rare crystals through weathering, a process which takes millions of years. The most valuable colour of this gem is that of the blue variety, its pleochroic qualities display an astounding range of shades when viewed at different angles of light, from the paler cool blues to those intense and deeply mesmerising purple-blue tones which have come to be the most coveted of all. As the second hardest natural gemstone following the Diamond, Sapphire is tough and durable making it a fantastic embellishment for sterling silver jewellery pieces, many which we at C W Sellors are proud to present as some of our most compelling designs. Highly prized in cultures all over the globe, the crystal has become a popular choice for a gift or as a keepsake for its highly esteemed healing properties. For those drawn to the gem’s heavenly blue hue, Sapphire is a wisdom stone. It makes the perfect gift for a September birthday because it aids the wearer to seek out their natural path. Wearing a piece of Sapphire around the neck or in a pair of elegant earrings can help to instil a lady’s confidence, encouraging them to seek out their dreams and desires. Sapphire also dissolves away the memories of a past trauma and transforms frustrations into positive emotion.


If your birthstone is the Sapphire, put it on your wish list this birthday. The gem stands for intelligence, understanding and good judgement, more reasons why the Ancient Persians loved the precious stone so much that they believed the earth was in fact, created atop a very large one! Sapphire is fused into many of our handmade designs, each facet of its elegant frame, encasing the deep blue crystal effortlessly, whilst the sharp mirror finish angles of the Sapphire crystal itself allow for light to dance across its surface, reflecting a sparkle that is equally as beautiful as its wearer. Holding a special place in the hearts of those lucky enough to call Sapphire their birthstone, the deeply attractive gem also represents faithfulness and sincerity, making it the perfect gift for combining a birthday and engagement.