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Presenting The New Royal Crown Derby Jewellery Collection

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It is widely known Derbyshire jewellery manufacturers C W Sellors will travel the world to source new gemstones and bring innovative new material to their designs, yet for their latest creations they didn’t have to look further than a few miles down the road. Nina Scally reports on their new collection.

Creating awareness of British design and jewellery manufacture has always been close to the hearts of all those at C W Sellors – one of the UK’s leading luxury jewellery manufacturers and retailers, and which has boutiques situated throughout Derbyshire and workshops based in Ashbourne. The company firmly believe that to maintain the future of traditional jewellery craftsmanship, a balance of innovation, education and learning from businesses alike, will help forge a successful way forward.

The creative direction found within their traditional workshops is one that is constantly changing as they look for fresh and imaginative ideas to work into new jewellery collections. The company have taken influential cues from a wide range of events, products and inspirational settings in the past, building a portfolio of iconic collaborative work - all of which bear significance to what has helped to shape a rich and cultural heritage in jewellery design.  The Derbyshire-based jewellers are also renowned for their worldwide gemstone sourcing and having a keen eye for discovering new materials. With this in mind, a new collaboration with Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Company appears to instil the perfect unity with the company’s proud British craftsmanship and the manufacturing expertise of the world’s highest quality English fine bone china producers.

Owned by one of the world’s most reputable and highly esteemed ceramic creators, Steelite International, Royal Crown Derby employs around 200 expertly skilled designers to achieve its global success to date. With firm commitments shared between Royal Crown Derby and C W Sellors Fine Jewellery, delivering products of the finest quality remains paramount to both. For many manufacturers, producing new innovations with a distinctive purpose and an appealing story behind each design does not come easy, yet this partnership between the illustrious jewellery creators and masters of bone china, allows for a fusion of both traditional workmanship and tomorrow’s artistry to become one with ease.

In this new collection C W Sellors need not make any particular exceptions to their obligation in producing some of the UK’s most powerfully led styles and trend-setting jewellery designs. Instead their inspiration comes quite naturally. Their immaculate finishes continue to breathe life into a new generation of quintessential jewellery manufacturing and the Royal Crown Derby Collection is a more than perfect example of their appetite for bringing exciting new designs to their customers!

With many years contributing to community projects and employment within the County, both Royal Crown Derby and C W Sellors understand the importance of their local economy, so the luxury jeweller’s gravitational pull towards the prestigious bone china brand seems a natural fit. With both Derbyshire-based companies promoting strong emphasis on their bespoke services, the collection symbolises a unique contrast between the urbanity of contemporary jewellery crafting and the traditional élan found within the designs of the Royal Crown Derby’s fine china pieces.

C W Sellors Jewellery Designer Rebecca Sellors and Jewellery Workshop Manager Paul Barker took inspiration from two collections in particular from Royal Crown Derby’s 21st Century-infused pattern features. The prominent blue, pink and white palettes which lace the Mikado tableware collection makes for an interesting colour combination when encased into the jeweller’s sterling silver Foxtail designs. Working on the finer settings, each delicate piece of fine bone china selected by the designers at

C W Sellors is followed by a refined level of intricate work at their workshop, to allow for the elegant dimensions of the precious metal framework to meet the curved contours of the china cuts.

With strong Japanese and Oriental influences, the interplay of iron red, cobalt blue and 18-carat gold features seen within the Royal Crown Derby’s Imari collection was yet another alluring attribute for the jewellery design team, whose creative aspirations focus clearly on heightening the use of contemporary colour ways to ignite imaginative flair to the new and energetic jewellery collection.

The Sudbury and Arboretum collections have also been chosen for the new C W Sellors Royal Crown Derby range. Both designers and workshop technicians found the combination of exotic plants, whispering trees and antique textures the perfect fit for a jewellery collection and a wonderful contrast to the more bold selection of patterns.

Comprising a wide range of pendants, bangles, earrings and rings, in sterling silver and 18ct gold, the new Royal Crown Derby jewellery collection can be found in C W Sellors’ Bakewell boutique, with the collection being extended to all boutiques during the summer. It can also be viewed at the Royal Crown Derby’s retail shop.

This feature has been published within the August edition of the Derbyshire Life magazine.