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Revitalised with a new sense of purpose, Accutron watches are back and feature a new ground-breaking technology known as their electrostatic concept movement. As official retailers for Accutron watches, you can find the full range of Accutron electrostatic watches on the C W Sellors website, a range of timepieces that have completely revolutionized the way we tell time and more importantly recaptured Accutron’s legacy as one of the most important innovators in horological history. 

Born from a desire to take risks, Accutron watches were founded in the 1960’s becoming synonymous for their open worked dials and tuning fork movement. The Accutron name originally started as a sub-collection of the iconic Bulova brand but became an entity of its own just last year. At their beginning, Accutron watches were characterised by their tuning fork movement which enabled the smooth sweeping of its seconds hand and a high pitch hum which was emitted from the case. The tuning fork concept was considered one of the most commercially and technically successful electronic watch movements in the world for its high rate of precision and extraordinary open work aesthetic. 

Mark Hetzel, the engineer behind the movement, created the technology by replacing the balance wheel as a regulator with a tuning fork – the very kind seen in music – powered by electromagnets attached to a battery-powered circuit. The concept became a marvel of the industry and was housed within the first range of Accutron Spaceview watches. These original timepieces, which remain some of the industry’s most highly collectible designs, became the face of the Accutron name and were even worn by American astronauts during a mission to the moon.  Sadly, however, after only a short 10 years of success, Accutron were forced into submission during the 1970’s as a result of the quartz crisis. Alongside many other mechanical watch brands, Accutron ceased production altogether, that was until now… 

Surprising us all at Baselworld 2019, Accutron watches arrived with an entirely new concept: the electrostatic watch movement. Delivering an almost kaleidoscope-like dial on the watches, the electrostatic movement has been described as a “next-generation first for the industry” and uses unique technology to both generate power for the watch and to move the hands. For a more in-depth review of how this technology works, check out of other article here, but in short, the electrostatic technology is created by twin turbines that rotate with every movement of your wrist – just like that of an oscillating rotor in an automatic watch. The energy created from these two turbines is stored in an accumulator which powers the world’s first electrostatic motor which allows the second hand to fluidly travel around the dial and a step motor which powers the hour and minute hands. 

The Accutron electrostatic technology has been premiered within a variety of new watch collections including the Spaceview 2020 and the Spaceview DNA. Each of these new families pays homage to the original Bulova Accutron Spaceview watches of the 60’s by incorporating the familiar tuning fork logo, the iconic shade of green and of course, the legendary open-work dial. The new electrostatic movement takes things one step further, achieving an extremely stable accuracy rate of five seconds per month and a stunning visual experience on the dial. These new Accutron watches not only remind us of the designs from the past but the futuristic approach the brand has become so famous for. 

As official retailers for Accutron watches, you can find all their latest releases on the C W Sellors website. Get in touch with the team today on 01335 453453 or at sales@cwsellors.com for more information on these watches and for advice on the interest free finance and free next day delivery available.