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Introducing QlockTwo Watches and Clocks

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We are incredibly excited to announce the arrival of QlockTwo to C W Sellors this month, an extraordinary brand that leaves behind the traditional and puts time into words. From QlockTwo watches to QlockTwo wall clocks and QlockTwo desk clocks, we have an incredible range of contemporary timepieces for you to choose from that radiate unique character and become immediate conversation starters.

QlockTwo was first founded in 2009 by Beigert & Funk who wanted to take a completely artistic approach to watchmaking and use LED lights to selectively display words across the dial, rather than using the traditional analog hands and numbers. Each QlockTwo watch and clock is handcrafted to order and assembled in Germany, something that will certainly pique the interest of watch collectors who understand the value of German watch manufacture. As well as winning numerous international awards including the 2019 Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior, QlockTwo have quickly made their mark on the luxury watch market.

Up close, the QlockTwo watch and wall clock collections are easily some of the most distinctive and unique we have ever seen. Each design follows the same pattern with the time spelled out in letters, soo instead of having hands showing “12:30”, the time literally reads “it is half past twelve”. The square clock face is made up of 110 randomly arranged characters which are composed of LED lights to show the time within five minute segments as well as four light up dots in each corner to display the exact minute.

These incredibly unique designs are a must have for any lover of contemporary timepieces and there is certainly no shortage of models to choose from. The Qlock collections currently consist of a range of watches in sizes 35mm and 39mm, the QlockTwo Touch table clock and 3 different sized Qlock Wall Clocks: the Classic, Large and 180.

The QlockTwo watches are definitely some of our favourites, coming in a range of colours including yellow gold, stainless steel, rose gold, copper and black with a selection of dial colours and strap options to choose from. The QlockTwo W35 watches were the first to be released from the brand, becoming instantly popular for their sleek designs and unique dials. Then for the end of 2018, those of us with larger wrists were treated to the new QlockTwo W39 watches with larger 39mm cases and the same breathtaking choices dials and straps.

At C W Sellors, we have a huge range of QlockTwo watches, QlockTwo desk clocks and QlockTwo wall clocks to choose from. These luxury designs are not to be missed and any home or wrist would look bare without one. For more information on our range of QlockTwo products and where to order your own, click here.