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Introducing Laco Watches

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Joining us at C W Sellors this month is Laco, an incredible luxury German watch brand with a huge range of pilot, navy and sports watches. Founded in 1925, Laco originally began as a manufacturer of pilot watches used by aviators during the war. They became indispensable tools in the cockpit with high grade technology and exquisite German engineering at their core. What we love most about Laco is that they haven’t forgotten about their heritage, with each Laco watch remaining an extension of their history with robust and reliable cases, highly legible dials and impressive functionality.

Laco watches are designed and crafted in the brand’s workshops in Pforzheim, Germany where they continue to uphold their talents and passions for high quality engineering. There are dozens of incredible Laco models to choose from which we will go into detail about below From exquisite pilot watches that show off their aviation heritage to sport watches and chronographs that offer second precision, there really is a Laco watch for everyone.

Laco Vintage Watches

Designed to celebrate the spirit of watches made during the 1950’s, the Laco Vintage watch collection boasts some iconic designs with beautiful vintage aesthetics and crisp, clear dials. Attention to detail has been made a priority with period correct hardened acrylic glass housed above elegantly curved dials. The dials themselves have also been cleverly detailed with Arabic numerals and sleek indices styled from the past.

Not only do Laco Vintage watches boast powerful aesthetics but hidden within each vintage watch is a breathtaking automatic movement. The movements differ depending on the model, but most are Laco watch movements based off Japanese Miyota calibres or Swiss ETA calibres. Regardless of their size, movement and design, at first glance it is clear that Laco Vintage watches are the perfect choice for retro lovers in need of high precision and gorgeous design.

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Laco Pilot Original Watches

The brand’s flagship collection, Laco Pilot Original watches all have one thing in common: a legendary history. Inspired by their own heritage of supplying aviation watches to pilots during the war, Laco have continued the tradition by creating modern-day pilots watches that are still indispensable tools in the cockpit. Designed to be robust, precise and most of all, breathtaking, Laco Pilot Original watches are a must have for any explorer of the skies.

Just by glancing at the Laco Pilot Original watch collection, you will immediately see a pattern. Each model follows a very similar aesthetic of black and white dials, stainless steel cases and brown leather straps. While still providing a variety of sizes and functionality, Laco have stayed true to their history and the original design of their pilot watches released in the 1940’s. There is nothing more satisfying than wearing a Laco Pilot watch and feeling like you own a piece of history.

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Laco Pilot Basic Watches

Similar to the Laco Pilot Original collection, Laco Pilot Basic watches continue to uphold the brand’s history of aviation watches. However, instead of sticking to the original design born in the cockpit, they have used this as inspiration for a whole new range of stunning, modern pilot watches. This collection provides a new selection of dials, straps and designs to choose from while continuing to maintain their famous vintage inspired aesthetic.

We particularly love the Laco Pilot Basic Aachen Blaue Stunde watches which boast breathtaking blue sunray dials. This bright blue colour goes completely unmissed while strapped to the wrist and the large Arabic numerals and indexes are coated in Swiss Superluminova for effortlessly legibility in low light. Just like all Laco Pilot watches, the Pilot Basic range also boasts the distinctive onion shaped crown, iconic watch face and high precision automatic and quartz movements.

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Laco Navy Watches

Originally designed for the German Marine Observatory in Hamburg, the Laco Navy watch collection has been allowing sailors to perform nautical observations and measurements with ease since the 1940’s. Just like Laco Pilot watches, each Laco Navy watch makes you feel like you are holding a piece of history in your hand with their period accurate designs and breathtaking functionality.

When the German Marine Observatory in Hamburg requested the design of these maritime watches, Laco was one of only a few manufacturers able to meet their requirements. The design was required to withstand incredible resistance while also boasting an accuracy that would allow sailors to perform measurements at different points on the ship’s deck. The Laco Maritime watches that you see today continue to indorse these properties alongside a vintage design and optimal legibility thanks to Superluminova coating on the dials.

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Laco Squad Watches

Given the experience they gained producing aviation and maritime watches, it was only a matter a time before Laco made a step towards Squad watches. Meticulously engineered for outdoor use, each Laco Squad watch is highly reliable with quality, robustness and clear design at their core. Many of these stunning models have also been used in cooperation with German fire departments, the police and army.

To ensure complete durability, Laco Squad watches are equipped with unconventional crown positions with some models having the crown on top like vintage pocket or on the left hand side of the case. The cases are also fitted with helium valves and screwed in natural rubber bands to assist in the water resistance available up to 1,000 metres alongside hard and double thickness sapphire crystal glass that is highly scratch resistant and perfect for outdoor use. We are particular fans of the Laco Squad Scorpion watches designed to be robust, versatile and luminous in the dark, the very same assets that a scorpion has that allow it to survive and thrive in its environment.

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Laco Chronographs

Last but certainly not least, Laco Chronographs are the perfect sports models for those who require strong precision, reliability and elegance. They follow a similar design pattern to the Laco Pilot watches but are complimented by compelling functionality in the form of central chronograph seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hour counters. There are also a wide range of styles to choose from including mesh steel bracelets, rose gold cases and bright blue dials.

Many of the Laco Chronograph watches are equipped with LACO 50 automatic movements based on the ETA 7750 or Valjoux 7750. These highly desired calibres are Swiss made and can be found within many other luxury chronographs in the industry. They are also renowned for their robustness and accuracy which makes them the perfect movement for the Laco Chronographs.

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If you like the look of some of these Laco watches and would love to learn more, click here. For any further information including prices and specifications, you can also contact our talented team of watch specialists at sales@cwsellors.com or on 01335 453453.