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Exploring Sinn Watches

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Sinn watches and their remarkable technologies are always and deservingly at the top of luxury watch design, particularly in their home country of Germany. Since their founding, they have focused on creating navigation watches that are deserving of being within the cockpit with maximum functionality, legibility and precision and their core.

The German watch manufacturer was first founded in 1961 by Helmut Sinn, a former World War II pilot and blind pilot instructor and then in 1994, certified engineer Lothar Schmidt acquired the company and took it on a complete technological journey. This new era involved equipping almost every Sinn watch with a huge range of innovations that were completely unique to the brand. These included the likes of TEGIMENT steel, captive safety bezels, D-3 System crowns and black hard coating.

Sinn TEGIMENT steel is one of the brand’s most famous technologies and is one of many reasons that luxury watch collectors around the globe rush to the German manufacturer for reliable and durable timepieces. TEGIMENT technology raises the hardness level of the stainless steel or titanium case and provides highly effective protection against scratches and overall wear. Another widely regarded Sinn technology is DIAPAL which involves the selection of special pairs of materials that work together within the movement without the need for lubrication and without any risk of friction. The DIAPAL technology means that the automatic movements housed within are remarkably accurate and ensure long term precision.

Now let’s take a look at some of the key collections of Sinn watches.

Sinn Chronograph Watches

Sinn chronographs beautifully represent the proud traditions of the Sinn watches that date back to the brand’s beginning. Their reputation for being highly reliably instruments is shown through their use by professional pilots around the globe and the many patented technologies found within. We love the Sinn 103 Chronograph watches that are designed for uncompromising functionality in the skies with striking dial designs that instantly remind us of the clocks in the cockpit.

Many Sinn Chronograph watches are powered by the Swiss made Valjoux 7750 automatic movement, a calibre deemed as one of the best chronograph movements in the luxury watch industry. It provides easy to use chronograph function for pilots including central chronograph seconds, two subsidiary dials for 30 minutes and 12 hours and a power reserve of 48 hours. The Sinn 757 UTC watch is another fine example of a high quality chronograph, but this time comes paired with a useful second time zone.

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Sinn Pilot Watches

With the brand having made a name for itself for its pilot watches, it is no surprise that there are an abundance of them to choose from. These timepieces are inspired by the original cockpit navigation clocks still found in many planes today and their perfect readability and high standards of accuracy. The Sinn 556 watch has always been a favourite for both us and our customers for its simplistic dial design and high precision automatic movement. This year we were treated to some new dial colours within the 556 series including a stunning mocha-brown-colour with sunburst decoration.

The Sinn EZM 12 is another perfect example of the brand’s ability to create pilot watches that are both beautiful to look at and highly engineered for its audience. The EZM 12 is purposely designed for live saving missions, in particular, emergency doctors who obey the ‘golden hour’ and ‘platinum ten minutes’ rules. This course of action ensures a patient should arrive at the hospital within the first hour of an accident and that a critical patient should be treated and transported within the first ten minutes. The Sinn EZM 12 is equipped with all the features that a lifesaving doctor would need to ensure this is done including a count-up inner rotating bezel and a countdown outer rotating bezel.

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Sinn Diving Watches

Taking a break from the skies now, let’s look at some of Sinn’s incredible diving watches. These magnificent instruments were the first of their kind to comply with European diving equipment standards and Sinn themselves were the first to test and certify them for pressure resistance, water resistance and fog resistance. There are a huge range of Sinn diving watches to choose from, each equipped with large unidirectional bezels designed for measuring oxygen levels underwater and some showcasing the brand’s famous Ar-Dehumidifying Technology which ensures functional reliability and freedom from fogging.

Sinn recently unveiled their new Sinn 206 Arktis II Diving watch, a timepiece that celebrates 20 years since the original 203 Arktis collection was released which was the first ever diving chronograph to feature Sinn’s famous temperature resistance technology. The watch is beautifully presented in a statement 43mm case and promises to be functionally reliable in temperatures as low as–45 °C and as high as +80°C. The Sinn T1 watch is another stunning diving instrument made from high-strength and lightweight titanium and has become instantly recognisable for its large arrow shaped hour hand that can be read effortlessly in dark waters.

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Sinn Frankfurt Financial District Watches

The Sinn Frankfurt Financial District watch collection is defined by the brand’s connection with Frankfurt am Main, the internationally renowned banking and stock exchange centre and the home of the company since 1961. The Sinn Frankfurt Financial District watches are just as sophisticated and powerful as the city it tributes with designs available in breathtaking stainless steel and exquisite 18 carat gold.

This year Sinn released the Sinn Frankfurt Financial District 6012 Anniversary watch to celebrate 20 years since the release of the first Frankfurt Financial District watch. It showcases a beautiful 18 carat rose gold case and a striking black electroplated dial detailed with finely crafted Superluminova coated central hands and matching black subsidiary chronograph counters. It also houses one of the brand’s few in-house manufacture movements, the SZ06 self-winding mechanism, which can be viewed through the breathtaking sapphire crystal case back.

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Sinn Dress Watches

For those of you looking for a watch that will stun, Sinn Dress watches are ranked as some of the finest in both aesthetic and functionality. They are crafted from only the best and most luxurious materials including 18 carat gold and special steel and boast mesmerising dial designs that are rare to find anywhere else. We absolutely love the Sinn 1746 Heimat watch, a timepiece that pays homage to Frankfurt with an extremely fine rhodium-coated relief dial inspired by the traditional diamond pattern of Frankfurt’s popular cider glasses.

The Sinn 1800 Damaszener watch is another great example of the brand’s ability to redefine our expectations of design with its remarkable 43mm stainless steel case crafted from genuine forged welded Damascus steel, a first for the watchmaking world. The case not only looks incredible up close with its organic pattern of light and dark stripes, but it is also engineered using the brand’s TEGIMENT technology so is therefore incredibly scratch resistant.

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Sinn Ladies Watches

Despite most Sinn watches being designed and sized for men, there is still an exceptional choice of Sinn watches for women to choose from. These luxury timepieces tastefully showcase many of the brand’s signature technologies alongside sophisticated designs that are perfect for everyday use. The Sinn 243 Ladies watches are a dream come true for women in love of clean, geometric forms and unique coloured dials. We personally love the Sinn 243 TW66 WG K and its 18-carat white gold bezel decorated with 66 diamonds and unmissable copper coloured electroplated dial.

The Sinn 456 and 453 watch collections also provide a stunning range of ladies’ watches distinguished by feminine aesthetics and powerful performance. These classic round watches are available in 34mm and 28mm sized cases so whether you prefer something dainty or something more statement, there is something for everyone. The Sinn 456 Ladies watches are also crafted from some of the most breathtaking materials on the market including rose gold, mother of pearl and diamond.

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Sinn Limited Edition Watches

Last but certainly not least is the Sinn limited edition watch collection, a series of highly desirable and collectable timepieces limited to only a select number of pieces. Sinn are no strangers to releasing new limited editions every year and at Baselworld 2019, Sinn unveiled the 103 Ti Ar - Edition DIE ZEIT which has been incredibly popular with watch collectors for its classic chronograph dial, reduced minute markings and bold red-orange hands.

The Sinn U1 Camouflage Limited Edition has also been highly desirable, not only for its unmissable khaki green camouflage patterned dial but for its 44mm case crafted from genuine German Submarine steel. This material is renowned for its extreme resistance to sea water and is fitted with the highest levels of non-magnetic properties so the SW 200-1 automatic movement within is kept protected. With an impressive water resistance of 1,000 metres as well, the Sinn U1 Camouflage watch and its limited number of 500 pieces are expected to last much longer.

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If any of these incredible collections of Sinn watches have taken your fancy or you would just love to learn more, please feel free to head over to our website or contact our talented team of watch specialists at sales@cwsellors.com or on 01335 453453.