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Exploring Junghans Watches

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Masters of German watchmaking, Junghans and their technically proficient and aesthetically pleasing timepieces have been coveted across the globe since they were first bought to life in 1861. With a long history at its core, Junghans are no strangers to innovation becoming proficient in creating some of the world’s greatest contemporary watches, radio controlled watches and limited edition watches.

Junghans watches were first established with the founding of a clock component factory on April 14th, 1861. Erhard Junghans and his brother in law started by producing Black Forest clocks with wooden cases, bronze signs, glass doors and pendulums. But it wasn’t until the 1930’s that the German watch manufacturer really found its footing, moving away from using American movements to creating their own. Their first movement was known as the J80 calibre and to this day, you can find many Junghans Meister watches with the J80/2 movement at its core, a calibre inspired by the original.

In 1951, Junghans became the largest manufacturer of chronometers in Germany and although they no longer hold the top spot, they still remain one of the most reliable mechanical watch manufacturers in the country. Their most famous collection, the Junghans Max Bill, was released soon after and was inspired by the architect and artist Max Bill. The Junghans Max Bill watch still holds its place as one of the brand’s most successful collections with contemporary cases, pure dials and luxury straps.

Today we will be exploring all the latest Junghans watch collections to help you find the right one for you.

Junghans Meister Watches

The Junghans Meister watch collection is assigned this name for a reason. Translating to ‘master’, Junghans Meister watches pay homage to the design and technical advancements the brand has made over its many years in the industry. Since its first release in the 1930’s, the collection has retained its fascination and form while continuing to upgrade its technology with new and improved innovations. There are a huge variety of Junghans Meister watches to choose from including the Junghans Meister Damen, Meister Calendar, Meister Agenda, Meister Telemeter and of course the famous Meister Chronoscope and its remarkable chronograph dial.

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Junghans Meister Pilot Watches

Awarded the same ‘master’ title alongside remarkable aviation inspired features, the Junghans Meister Pilot watch collection is engineered to take on the skies. Junghans have had a proven passion for flying since the 1930’s and even produced on board clocks for aeroplanes and airships. This passion was only further cemented when the Junghans Meister Pilot watch was released, inspired by the layout of a cockpit with luminescent numerals and hands, highly legible dial and ergonomically-formed bezel to ensures a good grip.

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Junghans Meister Mega Watches

Designed to be even more modern than its already contemporary counterparts, the Junghans Meister Mega watch collection exudes a simplistic elegance that is completely unmissable on the wrist. But what is most exciting about the Junghans Meister Mega watch is its innovative radio controlled technology, a newly developed and highly accurate movement which instantly sets itself to your current time zones, promising to be accurate to the second. We have recently been treated to the new Junghans Meister Mega Kleine Sekunde watch, a state of the art radio controlled watch with subsidiary seconds dial at 6 o clock.

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Junghans Meister Driver Watches

Perfect for lovers of retro watches and old-school automobiles, the Junghans Meister Drive watch collection is inspired by Arthur Junghans, the son of Erhard Junghans, and his fascination with both watches and cars. His passion for the world of motors gave rise to numerous car clocks and pioneering patents back in the 1900’s and the Junghans Meister Driver watches that you see today remain a tribute to their historical antecedents. We particularly love the Meister Driver Chronoscope and its panda chronograph dial which follows the same traditions of historic automobile dashboards.

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Junghans Max Bill Watches

The Junghans Max Bill watch collection is one of the brand’s most famous. It was originally created in 1961 by famous architect and designer Max Bill with a purist dial, rounded numerals and domed glass. The Junghans Max Bill watches that you see today remain largely unchanged with the original design still highly coveted by collectors across the world for its blend of utility value and beauty. There is a huge range of Max Bill watches to choose from including Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope watches, Max Bill quartz watches and their newest limited edition: the Junghans Max Bill Jahre Bauhaus which celebrates 100 years since the Bauhaus art school in Germany was founded.

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Junghans Form Watches

One of the brand’s newest collections, Junghans Form watches are designed to be simple, comfortable and experienced with all senses. The convex shaped cases and luxury straps sit ergonomically against the wrist while the embossed minute track lends an impressive three dimensionality to the concave dial. Designed to look good, each Junghans Form watch is designed to make their wearer feel good too. Once again, we are spoiled for choice with several Form watches to choose from including Junghans Form A watches, Junghans Form C watches, Junghans Form Damen watches and Junghans Form Mega watches.

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Junghans Spektrum Watches

Last but certainly not least is the Junghans Spektrum watch collection. This remarkable series of watches truly showcases the German manufacturers talents in innovative and design. In 1985, Junghans produced the first ever radio-controlled table clock in series with an accuracy to a single second in a million years. In 1990, they succeeded in miniaturising this radio control movement and fitted it into their first radio watch. The Junghans Spektrum watches that you see today continue to showcase these remarkable movements that provide exact timekeeping in three continents, all powered by environmentally friendly solar technology. For a great solar powered watch, take a look at the Junghans Spektrum Mega Solar and Spektrum Damen collections.

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If any of these incredible collections of Junghans watches have taken your fancy or you would just love to learn more, please feel free to head over to our website or contact our talented team of watch specialists at sales@cwsellors.com or on 01335 453453.