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Exploring Arnold & Son Watches

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Combining their English heritage with coveted Swiss watchmaking traditions, Arnold & Son have excelled in their mission to create a range of exciting, beautiful and breathtaking timepieces. Named after its founder John Arnold, a British watchmaker of the 18th century, Arnold & Son joins C W Sellors’ exemplary range of luxury watch brands by delivering matchless examples of horological mastery with high-precision movements, premium materials and exclusive limited edition runs.

Based in the watchmaking capital of the world, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Arnold & Son have developed an outstanding selection of luxury timepieces, each with their own distinctive identity that will certainly resonate with watch collectors and lovers of the unique. While capturing their British heritage within each design, Arnold & Son have also ensured they remain at the forefront of contemporary innovation with cutting-edge technologies and in-house movements delivering incredible complications and levels of precision. From the iconic skeletonised architecture of their Nebula model to one of the world’s biggest moon phases on the market in the HM Perpetual Moon, Arnold & Son watches are not fleeting in their brilliance.  

Today, Arnold & Son is owned by the Manufacture La Joux-Perret, an independent mechanical movement manufacturer. This alliance has provided an invaluable backbone to the Arnold & Son watch brand who can now attest to over twenty in-house watch calibres all conceived, designed, developed, machined, decorated and assembled in their factories. With only a few luxury watch brands in the world able to demonstrate the same, Arnold & Son reveal a remarkable dexterity for innovation all while remaining encouraged by their founder’s original philosophies. Furthermore, exclusivity is guaranteed with every Arnold & Son watch developed in a limited edition series.

The History of Arnold & Son

John Arnold is considered one of history’s most innovative watchmakers, and as the founder of Arnold & Son watches, it is certainly worth exploring the history of the man that made the brand what it is today. His incredible prowess for traditional watch manufacture remains the pivotal inspiration for every new Arnold & Son watch today. Born in Cornwall, Arnold left England in 1775 for the Netherlands at the age of just 19 where he completed an apprenticeship in watchmaking and learned fluent German. On his return two years later, he was considered an extremely valuable asset at the court of King George III and was able to establish himself as a watchmaker in London’s Strand.

It wasn’t long before John Arnold changed history with the release of some of the world’s most accurate marine chronometers. His designs not only accompanied several important men across the ocean including Admiral Sir Robert Harland and the legendary British explorer James Cook who used Arnold’s marine chronometer No. 3 on his second voyage between 1772 and 1775, but he won numerous awards from the Bureau des Longitudes. Spurred on to continue his research into accurate timekeeping, Arnold went on to file a number of patents including one for a compensation balance featuring a bimetallic balance-spiral in 1775 and one for a helical balance spring with terminal curves in 1782. One of his most famous innovations arrived shortly before in 1779, his pocket watch No.1/36 which was sent to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich for trial and commended for its precision.

After two decades heading the way of watch manufacture, John Arnold officially retired in 1976. His son, also named John Arnold, was likewise an accomplished watchmaker and took over the company that same year. Over the next century, Arnold & Son continued to thrive producing elegant wristwatches and pocket watches for the British elite. Just like his father, Arnold sought patents for his technologies including his U-shaped balance. He also became the prime supplier to the Admiralty and of the 129 chronometers supplied to the Royal Navy, no fewer than 84 were signed by Arnold & Son. After the death of John Arnold’s son, Charles Frodsham another renown English watchmaker took on the brand until the middle of the 19th century. It wasn’t until a relaunch of the brand in 1995, however, that the Arnold & Son name was once again truly revived. Now fully integrated with Swiss manufacture, Arnold & Son watches are home to some of the world’s most impressive in-house movements and designs that remain a tribute to its founder John Arnold.

The Arnold & Son Watch Collections

One quick glance at the Arnold & Son watch collections and it’s clear to see that no design is the same. Take the Metiers D’Art family for example, a series of rare, limited edition timepieces entirely handcrafted, hand engraved and hand finished to bring to life beautifully artistic dial designs showcasing the likes of 22 carat gold dragons or finely sketched ships at sea. While the Arnold & Son Metiers D’Art watch collection enlivens enchanting imagery, the Time Pyramid series focuses entirely on the in-house mechanical movement with mesmerising skeleton dials. Available with a tourbillon complication, the Arnold & Son Time Pyramid watches continue to impress with two power reserve indicators superimposed by sapphire crystal.

Another popular collection is the Arnold & Son Globetrotter designed entirely for those looking for a sophistication, high-precision and comfortable companion for overseas travel. The design is characterised almost entirely by its floating opaline dial with an image of the earth at its centre which is the surrounded by a 24 hour scale. Finally, we cannot leave without mentioning the Arnold & Son Perpetual Moon watch collection, another series of stunning limited editions considered to house one of the largest moonphase complications in the world. Dressed in 18 carat gold and engraved with a blue guilloche night sky, the perpetual moon phase complication delivers remarkable precision with only one day deviation every 122 years.

As official stockists of Arnold & Son watches, you can now shop all their latest watch releases on the C W Sellors website available with interest free finance and free next day delivery. If you’d like to learn more about the Arnold & Son watch brand or you’re looking for assistance purchasing one of your own, get in touch with the team on 01335 453453 or send us a message at sales@cwsellors.com.