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C W Sellors Introduces The Latest Shaun Leane Collection - Signum

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The House of Shaun Leane unveils their latest fine jewellery collection, SIGNUM. A beautifully customizable unisex collection that consists of rings, bracelets and necklaces, creating perfect heirloom pieces that are personal to you with an exclusive crafted to order touch. Let C W Sellors introduce you to a collection that is destined to be a favourite within your jewellery box.


SIGNUM delivers heirloom pieces with honour to our Kindred Spirits, with a choice of rings, bracelets that can also be worn as pendants, and scapulars. In 18ct white or yellow gold, your chosen creature that you feel most drawn to is hand-engraved and hand-enamelled from a selection of six original colours upon a timeless shield silhouette for elegance and offer of protection. The customization continues to custom-pavé in your choice of black or white diamonds, or blue sapphires to complete the piece.

SIGNUM boasts 9 animal choices, including: The Honey Bee which is Devotion; the Butterfly promises Hope; the Bull ensures Strength; the Wolf represents Bravery; the Snake symbolises Renewal; the Eagle embodies Freedom; the Fox provides Wisdom; the Hare brings Intuition; and the Stag signifies Grace. 



Each piece of the fine jewellery collection is meticulously crafted to your unique specifications due to the made-to-order nature, with strict adherence to the highest standards of social, environmental, and cultural responsibility. The gold used in your piece is sourced from accredited mines with a Single Mine Origin (SMO) traceability, ensuring that it meets the most stringent ethical and sustainability criteria. Your fine jewellery piece is delivered alongside a unique QR code that enables you to trace its journey and the positive impacts that it has generated along the way. Whether you are a discerning Shaun Leane collector or an ethical consumer, the SIGNUM pieces reflect Shaun Leane’s commitment to quality, responsibility, and transparency, and we are proud to offer them to you.



SIGNUM is an embodiment of the relationship that exists between humans and the animal kingdom. The Celtic legends, which celebrate this bond, have been the source of inspiration for the designer's love for wild creature-inspired pieces. The collection represents the spirit of self-discovery and is a testament to the deep connection between humans and animals. The collection takes its cue from Shaun Leane’s personal story of Mrs. Bennet and her baby cubs. These creatures, comprising a family of foxes, were tamed by Shaun Leane over several weeks, gaining their trust by feeding them by hand with brie and Kerrygold buttered bread in his back garden.


 “I would call out “Mrs. Bennet” - and she would appear at my feet. The second stage of trust was presenting her cubs to me at my patio doors. I sat on the stairs beside them as the cubs played and fed from my hands. It was a moment of ultimate connection. Animals exist only in the present… The foxes reminded me to live in the day.” – Shaun Leane


The reminiscences of Mrs. Bennet and her offspring triggered a train of thought within Leane, reminding him of his time spent in Ireland, where he maintains his abode in a cottage nestled in MacGillycuddy's Reeks. These memories have resurfaced experiences related to the fauna of the region, which have, in turn, prompted him to investigate his Celtic lineage and their concepts regarding the animal kingdom. It is their belief that the animal kingdom can rekindle guiding traits within us, which foster stronger aspects of our personalities. The instinctive comportment of animals, or "Kindred Spirits," is inherently intertwined with our subconscious selves.

Following a deep dive of research, SIGNUM was born. Each wearer selects their own 'Kindred Spirit' from nine distinct creatures, in order to nurture a particular quality within themselves. The creature that one is instinctively drawn to reflects the quality that one wishes to enhance within oneself for the better. The question is, which Kindred Spirit do you choose?

“Every piece is graced by hands of dozens of passionate goldsmiths; a synergy of love and respect.” – Shaun Leane

Price Range: £2900 - £10,800.



You can learn more about the beautiful new Shaun Leane Signum Collection and enquire by speaking to the team, call us on 01335 453453 or send us a message at sales@cwsellors.com.