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The Kissing Diamonds Collection tells of a story between two people in love. A kiss that is shared between two individuals intertwined with an everlasting bond. Kissing Diamonds are a unique reflection of the simplistic essence behind man’s strongest emotion. Singular, hand-crafted jewellery pieces are created at the Kissing Diamond’s New York studio where the symmetrical masterpieces come to life. The expert craftsmen at Kissing Diamonds pore through thousands of diamonds in order to find the perfect shape and size to fit their precise and highly-intricate designs. Each Kissing Diamonds jewellery piece is created with the love and passion that the brand strives to exemplify within each of their innovations. C W Sellors stock a compelling range of Kissing Diamond Products.


From Pave Set Cluster Rings  http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/collections/kissing-diamonds/products/copy-of-kissing-diamonds-pave-set-diamond-ring to Solitaire Diamond Rings http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/collections/kissing-diamonds/products/kissing-diamonds-solitaire-diamond-ring ,each immaculate design ignites a togetherness fused with contemporary elegance.

Symbolising love’s eternal touch and ever-growing devotion, the Kissing Diamonds collection also includes a delicate ensemble of engagement jewellery pieces. A smaller diamond is carefully placed underneath the central stone so that a vivid display of light-emitting brilliance is sprayed through the elegant frame of the white gold band which encases it. Orchestrating a symphony of delicate contours, timeless designs and quintessential craftsmanship, the Kissing Diamonds range offers an experience to treasure for a lifetime.  

One of our particular favourite Kissing Diamonds Ring is the Three Stone Diamond Ring http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/collections/kissing-diamonds/products/kissing-diamonds-three-stone-diamond-ring  priced at 1589.00. Not only does the product bear a rare charm, but also uses the diamond within the ring in an altogether different style, that is very seldom seen in jewellery designs today. The Three Stone Kissing Diamonds Ring features three graduated diamonds clasped elegantly within a claw setting and suspended above a fourth inverted diamond. As diamonds are traditionally set with the culet pointing downwards, the unusual approach to this engagement style ring is one which is welcomed with refreshing enthusiasm. As tempting as it would be for both the underneath diamond and the central diamond to touch, the overall aesthetical appeal of this individual finish is one of unparalleled beauty and attraction. The space between both mesmerising precious stones takes away the risk of fracturing through impact pressure. Instead the final piece is one which has obviously undergone a great deal of thought during each design stage at the Kissing Diamonds head quarters in New York. Like all Kissing Diamonds jewellery pieces, the product has been finished to the highest standard. The “kissing” style of diamond setting is an incredibly hard result to achieve making those rings which have been crafted in such a way, a highly sought after novelty. The admirable positioning of the smaller diamond set underneath a larger one attains to look of two diamonds combined as one – a metaphor for the bodies of two lover, intertwines as a unity. The style offers a unique alternative to the standard diamond arrangement seen in most other engagement rings where two diamonds sit beside one another. The romantic gems have been carefully fashioned to not only convey elegance but to maintain a timeless appeal, allowing for sentimental memories to be revisited time and time again.

Capturing the minds and hearts of those romantics of the world, these unique rings from the Kissing Diamonds collection convey a magnitude of luxurious splendour. More information on the entire Kissing Diamonds collection can be found here. http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/collections/kissing-diamonds-1