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Ti Sento Jewellery

Ti Sento jewellery has, over the last ten years, become one of the most desirable and fashionable brands in the jewellery industry. The concept behind Ti Sento jewellery evolved from a question raised on an international flight: “Why can’t luxurious jewellery be affordable to everyone?”. With this philosophy in mind, Ti Sento began to answer the question through developing creations which formed a link between high quality materials and affordable prices. The brand’s stunning sterling silver pieces appear to exude the same luxurious splendour that is shared with only the most prestigious jewellery manufacturers of today, yet their sparkling finishes are made from dazzling Zirconia as opposed to real diamonds. Ti Sento launched their first completed collection in 2003 with their designs mirroring the message behind their brand name – “I hear you” or “I feel you” which is interpreted by the designers at Ti Sento as a way of giving the jewellery pieces as a gift of love to those nearest to the heart.

The Italian brand encourage wearers to mix and match their Ti Sento jewellery items so that the contrast in metals and textures can be stacked or layered to create an ultra-chic look. The luxury collection of designer jewellery takes inspiration from fashion-led trends yet also incorporates a number of traditional diamond setting techniques to feature a spectrum of seasonal colours, for a playful influence. The Ti Sento designs own a classic appeal allowing for their statements to remain timeless for many generations to come.  Although elegantly simple, the emerging messages behind their creations evoke strong emotion which will be unique to every individual. The chosen colour palettes for each Ti Sento bracelet, ring or pendant effortlessly encapsulate elements of Italian summertime using coral and pink catseye beads or alternatively capture the darker seasonal months with deep faceted Blue Cubic Zirconia designs and purple Catseye beads. Over the years, the collections have matured in style, and design but the quality of the finished products have always remained consistent.

Each Ti Sento ring is finished in rhodium plated sterling silver which gives the band an exceptional glossy shine and ensures that the metal will not tarnish over time, promising a fresh look in years to come. The beaded effect on the Ti Sento Bobble ring (http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/ti-sento-silver-bobble-ring-1792si) priced at £115.00 is well pronounced, amounting to an eye catching boho look when stacked with the Ti Sento Silver and White Cubic Zirconia 3 row band (http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/ti-sento-silver-and-white-cz-3-row-ring-1836zi) £105.00.

Ti Sento pendants use a number of different features to offer a versatile elegance, including rose gold finishes, white pearls, turquoise and black cubic Zirconia stones, executed on rhodium plated sterling silver chains or thong necklaces. The Ti Sento Silver and Blue Cubic Zirconia pear drop pendant (http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/ti-sento-silver-and-blue-cz-pear-drop-pendant-6685tp) priced at £120.00 is etched in pave set white cubic Zirconia stones, finished inside a beautiful rhodium plated sterling silver oval for a sleek yet seductive look.

Ti Sento’s ear charms are a unique way to express the brand’s playful personality whilst simultaneously retaining a sophisticated composure. These trend-setting, affordable, hand-crafted jewellery pieces can be matched with your favourite pair of Ti Sento loop earrings to add an extra dimension to your outfit. With a vast array of unusual coloured stones and stylish designs, Ti Sento incorporate the naturally beautiful allure of gemstone setting with strong contemporary influences. The Ti Sento Drop Black Onyx and White Cubic Zirconia cushion earrings http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/ti-sento-silver-with-onyx-and-white-cz-cushion-drop-earrings-7555zb priced at £90.00, add the perfect finishing touch to a figure-hugging black evening dress or sophisticated business suit.

The entire Ti Sento collection can be experienced here: http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/collections/ti-sento