Tresor Paris

Tresor Paris offers a vast collection of jewellery featuring a variety of exquisite diamond and crystal pieces. The collection showcases Tresor Paris Necklaces, Tresor Paris Bracelets, Tresor Paris Earrings and Tresor Paris Rings. The jewellery has proven very popular with a wide age range of customers offering classic but contemporary designer jewellery at affordable prices.

The company was founded by Maurice Lousky and Sam Hasbani over a century ago, the pair created a brand which at the time bridged a gap between Diamonds and luxury fashion jewellery. The Tresor Paris collection offers a unique style in jewellery mixing up the sparkly colourful bracelets, necklaces and earrings to create your very own look and encouraging a Bohemian feel with the stacking of bracelets. The very word 'Bohemian' refers to someone who does not confirm to tradition, so let your creative flare run wild and reveal your colourful inner self today.