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December Birthstones

The stunning blue hues of both Tanzanite and Turquoise are destined for those born in December. From the oceanic blue green tones of Turquoise to the intense blue and purple hues of Tanzanite, these stunning precious gemstones make for truly unique and mesmerising jewellery. Their rich tones perfectly compliment diamond or the matching oceanic beauty of pearls, making both Tanzanite and Turquoise jewellery a dream come true for anyone born during the twelfth month of the year.

Tanzanite Meaning & History

As well as being the December birthstone, Tanzanite is gifted to celebrate a 24th wedding anniversary. It’s vivid colours, high clarity and potential for large cut stones allowed the gemstone to quickly became a world-wide sensation in its discovery in 1967. It was found when a prospector named Manuel d’Souza was out looking for sapphires. Instead he discovered Tanzanite in the wilds of Tanzania in Merelani Hills, a discovery that is considered one of the most exciting of its kind in nearly a century.

Since Tanzanite isn’t very old, there is little history, lore or legend surrounding it. Nevertheless, in a short period of time it has succeeded in achieving worldwide popularity and major acclaim. Tiffany & Co believed in the December birthstone’s international appeal and became its main distributor for many years. They promoted tanzanite with advertisements that lamented that tanzanite could only be found in two places in the world: “in Tanzania and Tiffany’s.” Now, the stone is more widely accessible with more affordable designers like C W Sellors bringing stunning Tanzanite jewellery pieces to their customers.

Where is Tanzanite found?

Just as its name suggests, Tanzanite is found in Tanzania in the Merelani Hills north of the country. It is known as the only place on earth where the gemstone is mined, with thousands of workers recovering the stone over a 100 metres deep into the earth.

Turquoise Meaning & History

Unlike Tanzanite, Turquoise has a long and rich history filled with legends. The completely opaque gem and its stunning colour shades of blue and green are believed to be one of the first gemstones known to man, with its discovery estimated as early as 3000 B.C. Four Turquoise bracelets were found on the mummified arm of Queen Zar which date back to the second ruler of the Egypts First Dynasty in 5,500 B.C while archaeologists believe that Egyptians were mining Turquoise on the Sinai Peninsula before that.

The December birthstone is believed to possess many remarkable powers including an ability to increase creativity, positive thinking, happiness, wisdom and good fortune. During the 13th century, the turquoise stone was believed to protect the wearer from falling and the stone itself would break into several pieces if disaster was approaching. Native Americans also strongly believed that turquoise could be found at the bottom of a rainbow and that by attaching the gemstone to a bow, it would make their aim more accurate.

Where is Turquoise found?

Turquoise can be found all over the world, most predominantly in places with dry climates. It has been mined in the Nishapur district of Iran for more than 1,000 years where the region is famed for its intense blue variants nicknamed “robin’s egg blue,” “sky blue” and “Persian blue.” Turquoise can also be found in Mexico, Chile, China, Tibet and the United States.

December Birthstone Jewellery

At C W Sellors, we have a fantastic selection of Tanzanite jewellery and Turquoise jewellery to choose from which make perfect gift ideas for someone celebrating their December birthday. From dazzling Tanzanite rings to exquisite Turquoise necklaces and Turquoise earrings, our selections of December birthstone jewellery will leave you spoiled for choice for that special someone. Get in touch with our team of gemstone jewellery specialists today for help and advice on our ranges of Turquoise and Tanzanite jewellery.