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Shrieking Violet Flower Jewellery

Shrieking Violet jewellery is an innovative concept that elegantly captures the beauty and allure of real flowers that have been expertly cultivated and implemented into sterling silver designs for an exquisite finish. The concept behind this imaginative interpretation forms the perfect marriage between life and nature, allowing an expression of individuality as well as an explosion of incredible colour and charm. Encased within each Shrieking Violet necklace, ring or bracelet is a special moment frozen in time, a perfect opportunity to celebrate an anniversary or romantic milestone with your loved one. 

The Shrieking Violet collection consists of organic flowers which have been nurtured by master gardeners, briefly dried and then set in a resin. The jewellery is encased in a sterling silver finish, which can be worn on the wrist, finger or around the neck as a token of treasured beauty. Infusing contemporary ideas with English heritage, the Shrieking Violet collection showcases a number of unique flower displays using petals and plant matter from poppies, rosebuds, four leaf clovers, heather and many other sensual flowers.

At C W Sellors, we have an enchanting range of Shrieking Violet bangles, Shrieking Violet bracelets, Shrieking Violet brooches, Shrieking Violet cufflinks, Shrieking Violet earrings, Shrieking Violet necklaces and Shrieking Violet rings available to order on our website. 

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