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Thomas Sabo

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Thomas Sabo Charms:

With incredible attention to detail, Thomas Sabo charms are a unique way to communicate your personality through tokens of rare beauty. Each charm is infused with an entirely different, yet imaginative idea, allowing for an interchangeable look to be achieved with ease. Established for all ages  and interests, each Thomas Sabo charm is bursting with character. The Thomas Sabo Charm Bird (http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/collections/thomas-sabo/products/bird-charm) priced at £55.00 embraces an elegant magpie design with emphasis applied to its black and blue enamel finishes and sterling silver lobster clasp, ensuring the charm can be added to any carrier with ease.

Thomas Sabo Karma Beads:

Featuring the traditional dangle style concept, these contemporary beads are designed to be worn on bracelets or necklaces, offering a complimentary and cohesive appeal. The Thomas Sabo Karma beads collection consists of a total of seventy one beads which encompass everything from pave and openwork designs to a colourful palette of gemstones. The Thomas Sabo Karma Bead Sunflower Charm (http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/thomas-sabo-karma-bead-charm-sunflower) priced at £25.94 and the Thomas Sabo Karma Bead OM Charm (http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/om) priced at £35.00 work beautifully together, forming contrasting tones from the blackened silver of the applied knop details from the OM charm, with that of the turquoise guise and engraved floral pattern of the polished sunflower bead. The combination of both pieces underline artistic taste with elements of effervescent charm.

Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul:

The Glam & Soul collection is abundant in powerful pieces that evoke bold interpretations of beauty. With strong personal signature, these feminine inspired statements can be worn as stand-alone items or complimented with sterling silver pieces from an alternative Thomas Sabo collection. The Thomas Sabo Glam and Soul Snake pendant (http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/thomas-sabo-sterling-silver-rebal-at-heart-black-zirconia-snake-pendant-pe507-051-11) priced at £269.00 offers a dramatic finish to any sophisticated evening dress. Enriched by the natural allure of its Black Zirconia gemstone suspended within the Snake’s tight grasp, the stone, thought to promote self-confidence, strength and spirituality, boats a desirable magnetic ego.

To explore the entirety of the Thomas Sabo Jewellery collections which offer a plethora of necklaces, rings and charms, please click here. http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/collections/thomas-sabo