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Wedding Anniversary Milestones

When looking for wedding anniversary gift ideas, sometimes, the best idea is to stick to what is traditional. Quite often, this will depend on which anniversary it is, so C W Sellors Fine Jewellery is here to help.

Emerald Wedding Anniversary – 20 years of marriage.

A token of eternal love and good health, Emeralds shine with a radiant green colour. Often set into yellow gold, white gold or silver, the green colour never fails to amaze all who look upon it. Emeralds are most commonly gifted to celebrate 20 years of marriage, but are also a traditional gift for a 55th wedding anniversary.

View our Emerald Anniversary range here.


Silver Wedding Anniversary – 25 years of marriage.

Typically celebrated on the 25th year of marriage, the Silver Anniversary marks a huge milestone in a couples’ relationship. The traditional gift of sterling silver makes for a charming and sentimental present, and can often be paired with precious gemstones.

View our range of Silver Anniversary gifts here.


Pearl Wedding Anniversary – 30 years of marriage.

Pearls are one of nature’s finest bounties, both rare and stunning. Depending on their size, pearls can take decades to form, making them a suitable and traditional choice of gift for the 30th wedding anniversary.

View our range of Pearl Anniversary gifts here.


Ruby Wedding Anniversary – 15 or 40 years of marriage.

Celebrate the fire in your relationship after 35 years, when you enjoy your Ruby Anniversary. More recently they are also gifted on the 15th year, though the actual ‘Ruby Anniversary’ remains at the 35th. Rubies are considered one of the most valuable and treasured precious coloured gemstone, making them a wonderful gift, set in either yellow gold or white gold to really make them sparkle.

View our range of Ruby Anniversary gifts here.


Sapphire Wedding Anniversary – 5 or 45 years of marriage.

In contrast to rubies, sapphires boast a deep blue colour, and are usually gifted on the 40th wedding anniversary, but is also given on the 5th anniversary in more modern marriages. Worn by the queen herself, sapphires are a show of royalty, and are great for showing just how important that special somebody is to you on your big day.

View our range of Sapphire Anniversary gifts here.


Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary – 50 years of Marriage.

Widely considered to be the most prominent milestone of all, the Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary is certainly one to celebrate. Naturally, the gift of gold is appropriate, and you can personalise your gift to make is extra special with our engraving option, or design a piece of jewellery from scratch with our bespoke jewellery design service.

View our range of Golden Jubilee Anniversary Jewellery here.


Diamond Wedding Anniversary – 60 years of marriage.

Not only are diamonds a girl’s best friend, they’re also used to celebrate the prestigious 60th wedding anniversary. Diamonds are one of the hardest natural materials found on Earth, making them the perfect symbol of how strong your marriage. With a range of shapes, sizes and colours available, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect diamond gift to give to your partner on this special day.

View our range of Diamond Anniversary jewellery here.


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