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Trollbeads Collection
What are trollbeads?

The original Trollbeads were created in Denmark in 1976. The beads were then given the name of Trollbeads and started to form a collection.

These original trollbeads were decorated with a minimum of 6 sides, designed by Soren Silversmith and sold in Copenhagen.

Eventually Sorens sister Lise, started to add the beads to bracelets, but only one bead per bracelet. After opening her own Jewellery shop to sell Trollbeads, customers started to ask for more and more trollbeads on their bracelet.

This is how the Trollbeads phenomenon  started and has now grown into a major collection and is enjoyed all over the word.

As the trollbeads brand grew pearl and gold beads were introduced with new bracelet locks designed to make it easier for the collector to add more and more trollbeads charms to their bracelet.

The first glass trollbeads were added to the collection in 2001 as the collection has grown from strength to strength, today you can find trollbeads in more than 50 countries and the family continues to design more and more trollbeads with over 600 different types and unique designs of trollbeads.

Please visit our Trollbeads colection by clicking here

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