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Blue John Mine

Blue John is a gemstone that is exclusive to Derbyshire. Sources of this rare gemstone have only ever been found within the Peak District, and so the Blue John Mines are an important part of Derbyshire’s heritage. Blue John is a highly prized variety of fluorite and occurs with a distinctive yellow and blue banding. Blue John has been used for thousands of years both in decorative objects and striking pieces of jewellery. C W Sellors is proud to shape, polish and set Derbyshire Blue John into beautiful and eye catching items of jewellery, to include rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks and many more.

Blue John has been mined within the Castleton area of the Peak District. Locations such as the Castleton caves, Speedwell cavern, Peak cavern and the Treak Cliff cavern have all contained veins of this captivating gem material. Blue John is formed in veins, or seams that are encapsulated within layers of limestone. In order to mine this gemstone, miners dislodge the seams by hand. As a rare, precious and soft gemstone, the seams cannot be blasted without causing damage to the yield. Therefore all of our Blue John has been hand mined, hand picked and set by expert craftsmen all within Derbyshire.

C W Sellors is a company that is proud to source the finest pieces of Blue John directly from the mines. Our team of lapidarists has years of combined experience in faceting and shaping this unique gem material from their Derbyshire workshop.

Our stunning collection of Blue John jewellery is the result of our careful hand selecting, meticulous cutting and bespoke setting of this significant gemstone. Each piece of our Blue John jewellery is distinctive, displaying a unique piece of Blue John, with an individual banded pattern based upon its formation and location within the Blue John Caverns.

Speak with our team of Blue John jewellery specialists for more information on our award winning British gemstone jewellery designs and collections. Contact us today on 01335 453 453 or email us at sales@cwsellors.com.

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