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Blue John Fine Jewellery

Blue John Jewellery


The mineral veins of Blue John are found in the National park of the Peak District and were created and formed during the Carboniferous and early Permian eras of pre-history.

Blue John Cavern


The blue fluorite known as Blue John is found in the UK and only under the Triangular hill known as Treak Cliff, which can be found just outside the small town of Castleton.


Today Blue John is only mined from the Blue John Cavern and Treak Cliff Cavern which is very near by.  There was also a great source of Blue John in the Old Tor Mine in Winnats Pass which is now abandoned.

The origins of the blue colour of Blue John still remains uncertain, close analysis has failed to isolate the substance that causes the bluey colour of Blue John. Although there are a couple of theories that still need to be tested.


Although there are other rocks that have similar properties to Blue John that can be found through-out the world, The blue banded fluorite of Blue John is very rare.

 An ornamental mineral that was called "Murrhine by the Roman Empire may have actually been

There is now a recently discovered vein found in China  that has produced a banded fluorite that is similar to the classic Blue John.
 a fluorspar that is similar to Blue John.

The Blue John that is mined and worked in Derbyshire is of such a high quality that the finest of Jewellery is designed and created which is sold through-out the world.

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As our head office and workshops are in the heart of Derbyshire we are lucky to have our own professional crafts people that are very used to working with the fantasic Blue John stone. From the raw blue john that is mined locally, through the design stage and continuing to the supreme finished blue john fine jewellry, we a very proud to be the best provider of Blue John Jewelry for our customers.

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