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Designed to inspire, enchant and surprise, Roberto Coin jewellery becomes the newest member of the C W Sellors family and we are incredibly excited to welcome their breathtaking collections of 18 carat gold and diamond pieces into our portfolio of fine jewellery. Inspired by multi-ethnic cultures and influences, nature and the balance between the past and the future, Roberto Coin jewellery promises complete individuality and an unlimited creativity for every lucky wearer.

Roberto Coin, founder and designer of Roberto Coin jewellery, has become an inspiration to all that surround him, fascinating with his remarkable philosophies on life and fine jewellery craftsmanship. His journey began back in 1996 with the creation of his first Roberto Coin collection called Appassionata. Every piece within the collection was uniquely signed by a small ruby, an unusual signature that marked the beginning of history for the Roberto Coin brand and the fate of sophisticated women everywhere.  

The romantic ruby can still be found within every piece of Roberto Coin jewellery today, often hidden inside the band of a ring or on the back of a diamond decorated pendant. This signature was inspired by the founder’s own passions for history and mythology, in particular three special stories that mixed reality and imagination, just like his fine jewellery creations. The first story was based in the world of ancient Egypt and follows the beliefs of the Pharaohs who considered the ruby as a talisman that guaranteed love, joy and health.  The second is based on the story of Burmese warriors who were convinced that the ruby, when in contact with their skin, could protect them from being wounded or killed on the battlefield. The last legend comes from an old folkloric Hindu myth in which the ruby gemstone was considered a precious fruit of the sacred Kalpa tree, a tree of hopes and desires.

From the first steps that I took in this amazing field, I’ve always wanted Roberto Coin to be an eccentric entity, born in an unusual way and definitely unlike anyone else in both personality and objective. As a matter of fact, it was already clear to me in 1996 that this brand would represent diversity, and I knew that it was exactly this diversity that would become the fundamental characteristic of its identity.” – Roberto Coin, founder and designer of Roberto Coin jewellery

The distinctive aesthetics and experimental designs of Roberto Coin, artfully crafted from only the finest 18 carat yellow gold, white gold and gold, has made them one of the best known brands on the international horizon of jewellery. While admired by the likes of both casual dressers and sophisticated trendsetters, Roberto Coin jewellery has also attracted the attention of celebrities and fashion icons, shining brightly on red carpets around the world.

With a relentless desire to create some new and different for his followers, Roberto Coin launches around 5 complete collections every year. Often decorated in brilliant cut diamonds, these breathtaking fine jewellery designs convey the mission of the company’s founder himself: to offer every graceful women an original piece of jewellery that embodies both the aesthetics and spiritual qualities that makes her who she is, exceptional and unique.

As Official Retailers of Roberto Coin jewellery, we are incredibly excited to offer all his latest collections on our website here. Get in touch with the C W Sellors team for any assistance with our selections of Roberto Coin jewellery and the interest free finance and free delivery available.