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Exploring Maurice Lacroix Watches

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Crafted in the heart of Switzerland, Maurice Lacroix watches perfectly epitomise the values and traditions that go along with Swiss watchmaking. Their internationally renowned designs and in-house manufacture movements are widely celebrated while their innovative spirit and perfectionism has earned them a one-of-a-kind reputation. At C W Sellors, we are incredibly proud to showcase all the latest Maurice Lacroix watch collections on our website and in many of our boutiques across the UK.

Maurice Lacroix watches were first revealed to the world back in 1975 when Desco von Schulthess Company, an internationally operating company, launched its first watch models under the name Maurice Lacroix. It was in the heart of the Swiss Jura mountains that these high quality timepieces were handcrafted and just like today, each one boasted the signature Maurice Lacroix label on the dial, case and movement. This symbol has since become synonymous with skilled craftsmanship, technological capability and a pronounced sense of quality.

Many of the Maurice Lacroix watches that you see today also boast many of their manufacture movements created in-house by the brand themselves. The Swiss watch manufacturer first delved into the art of automatic complication over 30 years ago and became determined to produce only the finest and most precise movements on the market. Along with this resolution, they also detail their movements with intricate decorations that accentuate both the experienced hand of the watchmaker and their profound knowledge that has been passed down through the generations.

Today we will be exploring all the latest Maurice Lacroix watch collections to help you find your dream luxury timepiece.

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Watches

Since its launch in 2016, the Maurice Lacroix Aikon watch collection has proven to be incredibly popular with both men and women of style. The ergonomic shape of the cases, lugs and bracelets are designed to sit effortlessly against the wrist while the striking coloured dial and impressive movements provide an aesthetic and performance that is almost unbeatable.

Recently, we have been treated to a whole new range of Maurice Lacroix Aikon watches measuring the 35mm in size. This neat dimension was originally designed for a female audience, but many males are also falling in love with the blue Clous de Paris dials, mother of pearl options and luxurious diamond dot indices. The cases are treated to a tasteful interplay of polished and satin finished surfaces while the choice of straps leaves wearers of all kinds completely satisfied. Earlier this year the brand also unveiled the Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic Chronograph 44mm Limited-Edition with its limited run of 500 pieces proving incredibly popular with luxury watch collectors.

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Maurice Lacroix Pontos Watches

The dream dress watch for men, the Maurice Lacroix Pontos collection beautifully captures the essence of Swiss watchmaking also while providing an aesthetic worthy of only the finest of compilations. The brand describes these breathtaking timepieces as being for ‘the significant moments in your life’, whether that be the watch you check before you walk down the aisle, the dial you glance at before that important office meeting or just the hands you follow while waiting for your favourite people to arrive.

The Maurice Lacroix Pontos watches are currently available in either 41mm or 43mm sized cases, crafted from smooth stainless steel or bi-colour steel and rose gold. The Pontos Day Date watches provide easy to read dials and Superluminova hands that are stylish in equal measure while the Pontos Chronograph watches offer a sporty finish for those that need quick and accurate information in a user friendly form. All of the Maurice Lacroix Pontos watches effortlessly uphold the reputation of the Swiss watch manufacturer and its mission for performance.

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Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Watches

Just as its name suggests, the Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques watch collection features classic, timeless and elegant timepieces for both men and women. It’s not always easy to create a watch that will be deemed ‘a classic’, with any small error completely changing the essence of its appeal. With that being said, Maurice Lacroix made no mistake with the Les Classiques watches that are refined by their attention to detail, beautiful smooth dials and elegant leather and steel straps.

The Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Date watches are their most renowned for their simplicity and elegance. Nevertheless, the newly released Les Classiques Moonphase watches are giving their sister-designs a run for their money with breathtaking dials detailed with silver and blue moonphase apertures that instantly connect you to the skies.

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Maurice Lacroix Fiaba Watches

Women of all styles will find themselves captivated by the Maurice Lacroix Fiaba watch collection. These breathtaking timepieces are expertly crafted with slender profiles and sensuous curves that mesmerise both the wearer and any passers-by. Their perfectly round dials are complimented by a large spinel set within the crown often found in the famous shade of Maurice Lacroix blue, a detail that instantly captures attention wherever you go.

The Maurice Lacroix Fiaba watches are currently available in either 28mm, 32mm and 36mm providing a range of styles for any sized wrist. Each one boasts majestic lines and a highly reliable Swiss quartz movement that becomes a loyal partner for all the important moments in your life. We particularly love the two-toned stainless steel and rose gold models that come adorned with mother of pearl dials and diamond dot indices.

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Maurice Lacroix Eliros Watches

For luxury watch wearer’s that want to express their own unique style, the Maurice Lacroix Eliros watch collection is for you. Their well-executed dials are complimented by retro finishes including mesh steel bracelets that can be easily changed thanks to the innovative Easychange system. Meanwhile the choice of dial colours and leather strap options that can be effortlessly swapped around are perfect for those of you who get bored easily.

We absolutely adore the Maurice Lacroix Eliros Chronograph watch with the brushed dark grey dial. The surface is completely brushed by hand which means no two dials are the same, resulting in a completely unique and exclusive design just for you. The effect the brushed finish makes alongside the sophisticated grey hue makes it an absolutely breathtaking timepiece to own, and when you take into the account the powerful Swiss made movement within, it becomes a no brainer.

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Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Watches

We have saved the best for last. The Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece watch collection is a must-have for those of you that admire the complexity, talent and patience that goes into making automatic watches. Witness the in-house manufacture movements through the skeleton dials and fall in love with the beautifully detailed layers and accents that become unmissable on the wrist. These remarkable timepieces are the perfect synthesis of the brand’s incredible 40 yearlong know-how.

One of our favourites has to be the Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity watch with its modern, highly technological and avant-garde dial. First released in 2014, this model has become one of the brand’s most highly collected. Its assortment is entirely made out of silicium, a material that is self-lubricating, non-magnetic, and three times lighter than steel so it brings great advantages to energy usage and accuracy. There are a huge range of Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece watches to choose from and their designs are anything but boring. We highly recommend you check out the complete collection to fully appreciate the brand’s technical abilities and desires for perfection.

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If any of these incredible collections of Maurice Lacroix watches have taken your fancy or you would just love to learn more, please feel free to head over to our website or contact our talented team of watch specialists at sales@cwsellors.com or on 01335 453453.