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Royal Shrovetide 2015

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As the town of Ashbourne in Derbyshire prepares for one of its biggest events of the year the 17th and 18th of February Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday see's the beginning of the Royal Shrovetide. Shrovetide is held over two days and is split into two eight hour periods and it begins with one of the hand painted balls by local artist Simon Hellaby being turned up the ball within the main car park by Co-op at 2pm. This year Mick Pepper will be turning up the ball on the Tuesday and Mick Betteridge on the Wednesday. This is a very honourable job and was undertaken by Prince Edward in 1928 and by Prince Charles in 2003.

Royal Shrovetide is a very large football game which is allowed full run of the quaint market town of Ashbourne, the goals are three miles apart and includes all sorts or terrains, roads, rivers, parks and fields. Spectators come from miles around to get involved and support the historic annual event. Local businesses generally close their doors for regular trading and some local schools are closed for the two days as all local people head down to the car park to support their team.   

The teams are made up of the Up'ards and the Down'ards, these team names are referring to which side of the Henmore Brook you were born on. Those born on the south are Down'ards trying to score into the Old Cliffton Mill and on the north side are Up'ards who are trying to score at Old Sturston Mill. 

The game has been running since 1667 and has become a very popular event which unites the local community of Ashbourne  for what should be a fun and exciting time for everyone, there are some dedicated participants who can be seen lapping the park on a Monday night in training, becoming fit and ready to offer an ever increasing challenge for the opposition and planning tactics for their game.

Royal Shrovetide Jewellery

C.W Sellors supports the event in various ways, not only do they allow employee to book the time off to support the event/ participate! They have also designed and made a jewellery collection which includes leather bracelets and silver charms. The collection was launched last year and has proven to be very popular offering a souvenir for the game, they are also engraved with the year so you can start a collection.

We also congratulate the goal scorers of the year by presenting them with T W Steel watch from our Boutique in Ashbourne.

Please view our jewellery collection on-line, or pop into the boutique in Ashbourne on either of the two days our friendly staff will be happy to help you.