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Discover our stunning range of Meistersinger watches known for being some of the most unique and breathtaking timepieces ever made. Inspired by the simplicity of timekeeping instruments like the sundial and hourglass, Meistersinger decided that they would create a collection of luxury German watches with the same relaxed perception of time. Every Meistersinger watch comes with a rare dial that tells the time with just a single hand.

Meistersinger watches, although at first daunting, are exceptionally easy to read. Each of the 144 markers on the Meistersinger watch dial represents 5 minutes and the time is displayed by a long needle-like hand for ease. You can find all the latest Meistersinger watches for men and women on our website including the Meistersinger Neo, Perigraph, Lunascope, Metris and Pangaea watches.

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