Trollbeads Start Your Life Story


To start you life story and experiences in trollbeads you firstly need to choose the trollbeads bracelet of your choice. Once you have done that the exciting part really starts. The trollbeads come in thousands of combinations, styles and finishes.

In 1976 trollbeads were devised and first designed in Denmark, the original concept is that each trollbeads charm has its own story and is the symbol of a unique experience to the wearer of the Trollbeads bracelet and charms. 

The trollbeads are also made from many precious materials including Amber, Gold, Silver,Pearl Glass and many other precious stones. The range / collection of trollbeads is constantly changing and being added to.  There are many collections including  Spring, summer, Autumn and winter.

There are also limited edition trollbeads that are supplied with there own unique certificate of authentication.

As new pieces are added to the collection you can also find a collection of retiring trollbeads that will soon be completely gone, however they will always be remembered! Be-careful when you delve into the world of trollbeads you will find that they can be very addictive, however there is no need to worry.  

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