C W Sellors Wedding Collection

When planning the most important day of your life, choosing the right wedding jewellery is paramount in completing a perfect experience. Finding the right wedding ring or engagement ring is a little like finding that special someone. The ring needs to be an investment that you instantly fall in love with, remain in love with and can live with for the rest of your life! Since this will be the first and last piece you will shop for together, it can be important to make some preliminary choices before you begin your search for that treasured sentimental gift.

Our C W Sellors wedding collection showcases a compelling range of extraordinary bespoke pieces and one-off designs. Laced with luxury, yet modest and understated, our yellow gold wedding bands, silver engagement rings and white gold wedding bands offer simplicity and a uniqueness that has been admired for many years at our independent boutiques. If you are a traditionalist, the ideal style of ring needs to bold, simple but not flashy - timeless yet without being unimaginative even. Our beautiful hand crafted solitaire rings are established and distinct. Suitable for all lifestyles and tastes, a diamond of any shape or size exudes a beautiful look. This stunning handcrafted C W Sellors Solitaire ring features a single central brilliant cut diamond which nestles amongst an immaculate 18ct yellow gold plain band. Stylish and perfect for any woman, this wedding ring option can be worn against additional jewellery pieces in matching yellow gold or silver. http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/diamond-ring-solitaire-18ct-yellow-gold


The Halo design adds an extra dimension to the traditional solitaire piece. The setting which is normally seen encasing an oval or round cut is ideal for those who appreciate elements of simplicity but with a little more detail. C W Sellors apply a combination of traditional methods of quintessential jewellery manufacturing with contemporary elegance to culminate a purely sophisticated look. This Diamond Halo Cluster ring creates an illusion of a much larger central feature. Set within an 18ct white gold setting our in-house designers achieve the perfect balance between eye-catching beauty and uncomplicated finesse. http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/diamond-ring-vintage-halo-cluster-18ct-white-gold

Rose gold rings are becoming and increasingly popular metal choice for a contemporary engagement ring. Fused with a variety of 21st century styles, rose gold jewellery pieces can be worn with existing jewellery of all precious metals and textures to create dynamic tones and an ultra-feminine look. Rose Gold engagements rings or wedding rings are comprised of a number of different materials including gold, copper and silver. The levels of copper present within the finished creation will determine how pink the appearance of the piece. C W Sellors showcase an exceptional selection of popular pink gold rings which compliment a unique style with their flattering peachy shades, perfect for those with olive tanned or darker skin tones. http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/search?q=rose+gold+wedding

For lovers of all things antique C W Sellors boast a unique hand-picked selection of vintage inspired pieces. As the perfect choice for a sentimental piece of jewellery to mark such a memorable milestone in life, our vintage engagement rings and vintage wedding rings offer a contemporary take on designs from years gone by. Our bespoke designs can be altered and personalised to achieve one-off show stoppers to embrace the most alluring eras of design. By Mixing and matching other items of jewellery, Art Nouveau or bold, glamorous statements can be achieved effortlessly. There are many ways a wedding ring can be crafted to suit the personality and style of a vintage lover. The finer details of our intricate vintage wedding rings incorporate both new and old styles inside one finished, unique piece. http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/search?q=vintage+wedding


Our C W Sellors wedding collection can be viewed in more details here. http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/collections/weddings