C W Sellors Silver Collection

C W Sellors produce an extensive collection of British hand made sterling silver jewellery, the ranges include a large variety of specialist gemstones which are cut polished and set within the jewellery in our workshops in Ashbourne in Derbyshire.

The stones are prepare from a rough form by our highly skilled lapidaries, each piece of stone is carefully selected depending on the piece of jewellery its being chosen for, then cut to the required shape and measurement using specialist machinery. The stone is then worked on until a smooth polished finish is achieved and finally its set into the sterling silver jewellery to create the finished products we have on offer for sale. The gemstones include: Amber, Turquoise, Pearl, Bauxite, Rose Quartz, Mother Of Pearl, Amethyst, Argate and the ever popular locally sourced gemstones Whitby Jet and finally the rare Blue John, C W Sellors is home to one of the largest selections of precious gemstones in the UK.

A bespoke design service is available should require something different and personal to you, please make an appointment with one of our in house designers for a one to one consultation, also operated from our award winning Derbyshire Gemstone and Design studio C W Sellors workshop visits provide an exclusive opportunity to take a hands on-involvement in the modern jewellery making process. If you are looking for a special gift our workshop visits provide a unique experience. Please contact us on 01335 453453.