A Story Worth Sharing



 We have recently completed one of the most heart warming commissions at C W Sellors and wanted to share the story with you, our jewellery designers have come up with a one off design for a very special piece of jewellery as a congratulations present from proud parents of their daughter Ella. Elle has recently shown huge dedication and achievement by raising money for the Wythenshawe Baby Memorial Fund / Snowdrop Charity, for swimming the English channel.

The brief was to design and make a piece of jewellery to give Ella that was related to her swim, reflected her achievements and something she could wear everyday. Our designers came up with the idea of creating a mermaid bangle as this was her team name and is very relevant her being a strong female swimmer. As you can see from the pictures above the bangle has a mermaids tail at one end and through the middle of the tail appears textured mermaid scales which run through the main part of the bangle. The inside has been engraved with the date and the timings of her swim.

We were very proud to have been asked to create something so special that Ella could treasure for ever, our design teams and workshops enjoyed the challenge and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Below is a link to Ella's Blog kept through the training for her Channel swim, she talks about her experiences, her journey and her swimming. 


Congratulations Ella

From everyone at C W Sellors