Picking Your Perfect Engagement Ring

We know how difficult it can be to pick the ring that will sit on your finger for the rest of your life. So whether you're the loved up partner picking a ring to surprise their future wife or you're the lucky fiance who get's to pick the ring yourself, we have created a simple guide to picking your perfect diamond engagement ring. 

At C W Sellors we have been working with diamonds for over 35 years and have set our standards pretty high when it comes to our diamond set jewellery. We have an expert team of diamond specialists who handpick and grade each jewel to meet our high standards and a talented team of in-house designers who combine their talents to bring you our exclusive diamond engagement ring collection. Chosen for their rare white quality, each diamond has been elegantly carved and designed to mesmerise the wearer and below we will go through all the different types of diamond set engagement rings available to order. 

There are a surprising amount of different shaped diamonds to choose from when it comes to selecting your engagement ring. The type of diamond cut you choose and the angles of the facets will determine the impression you make and the sparkle that radiates from the piece.  


The brilliant cut diamond setting is one of our most popular choices for the more traditional bride thanks to its exquisite brilliance that emanates from the 58 facets. The stone itself resembles the shape of a cone which allows the maximum amount of light to travel through the top to create the most impressive sparkle. 


A princess cut engagement ring would be perfect for well... a princess. With approximately 76 facets which add a brilliance and fire that cannot be matched, the princess cut diamond is the second most popular shape after brilliant cut. The princess cut diamond is generally shaped in a square or rectangle while a side glance of the stone gives the impression of a magically inverted pyramid. 


One of the more rare diamond cuts available, emerald diamond engagement rings give a more understated sparkle when compared to brilliant cut or princess cut options, but the long rectangular shape of the stone makes it appear longer and the broad flat plane accentuates the crisp clarity. 



For those looking for a subtle sparkle, a pave set diamond engagement ring is designed to include small diamonds set close together so you get the effect of one continuous and simple sparkle. These engagement rings are perfect for those looking for something understated but still unbelievably elegant.


Now we’ve helped you narrow down the perfect of engagement ring for yourself or your partner, head over to our engagement ring collection where you can find our stunning range ready to order. Or, if you're still unsure on which style to choose, give us a call on 01335 453453, email us at sales@cwsellors.com or pop into one of our boutiques for a free engagement ring consultancy.