Amber Jewellery

 Native to the depths of Northern Europe’s Baltic seas, the marvelous metaphysical properties of Amber have enriched our C W Sellors collections for many years. Amber Stone was formed around 35,000,000 years ago in the forests that are now covered by the area known as Scandanavia and is valued for its therapeutic properties and warming nature. The mesmerizing Amber gemstone which transforms from fossilized pine tree resin into a beautiful amorphous crystalline structure is produced from a process which is triggered by pressures and high temperatures of overlying resinous sediments. Differing from the typical tree sap, Amber is sourced directly from the Pinus succinifera tree and can often contain insects, animals and plant inclusions. Through time and resistance, the raw state of Amber becomes harder and eventually fossilizes. Amber can be found in many different shades, its clarity ranging from opaque to transparent. The clearer the piece of gemstone, the more desirable and this is due to a lower population of air bubbles and other impurities present within its structure.

The warming golden-yellow tones, fiery oranges and rusty reds of the Amber stone radiate through its highly valued, translucent profile, allowing for a sense of clarity to emanate through our most desirable collections and individual pieces. Our hand-crafted Amber earrings, Amber rings, Amber pendants and Amber brooches all culminate a truly luxurious tone and an expression of innate desire.

Amber has been used for many generations as a medical gemstone. Many like to wear a piece of Amber around their neck or on their wrist to eliminate negative energy and restore health. Our Baltic Amber bracelets in particular, this design we show here, has been hand-cut and gently strung so that the smooth surface of each oval shaped carving personifies elegance and sophistication.

These Amber Drop Oval Earrings

priced at an appealing £149.94 share their simplistic design with our Amber Leaf Necklace

finished in sterling silver. The smoothly sculpted contours that embrace two unique pieces of Amber, create a stunning contrast. The deep mirror-like polish emanating from the almost black piece of Amber, creates a multi-dimensional tone to the design when combined with the warmer oranges and burnt ember-coloured pieces found within the matching earrings.

As one of the first stones to be used in Asia, Amber’s “sunny” character has been esteemed for thousands of years to enhance a positive outlook on life and eliminate negativity. Since then, the coveted gemstone has been known to brighten the spirits of all that wear it. Our unique combinations  of Amber with Whitby Jet include some of our most popular designs. Inspired by the picturesque origins of our locally sourced Whitby Jet, our design technicians have worked closely together to create statements of pure contemporary elegance fused with a timeless edge that will work with every outfit.

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