Tanzanite Jewellery


Tanzanite is an extraordinary gemstone which emanates a magnificent deep blue hue. Native to Tanzania, the blue variety of the Zoisite gemstone consists of calcium aluminium silicate and is one of the most coveted gemstones known to man.

Personifying unconventional elegance, the Tanzanite Stone emits an unblemished ultramarine to light violet-blue shade and is valued globally for its captivating wonder. The most desired colour of the Tanzanite stone is the blue surrounded by a delicate hint of purple. Depending on the angle that Tanzanite is admired from, sometimes the stone appears to be purple, brownish-yellow or blue. Tanzanite was formed around 500 million years ago where a unique set of temperatures and pressurized conditions inside the earth’s environment allowed for small Tanzanite crystals to develop. The combination of the chemical, Vanadium fused these crystals into larger formations, resulting in the mesmerizing miracle that we have come to appreciate today, The captivating, natural wonder does, however bear a brownish, yellow component when in its raw state which spoils the beauty of those extravagant colours that have made Tanzanite the unique creation that is now so deeply cherished. Careful heating of the stone allows for the component to disappear once temperatures rise to 500 degrees Celsius.

Cut into every imaginable shape and size, Tanzanite is used globally in jewellery creations to show off its magnetizing allure and beautiful displays of colour, as light dances across its glassy surfaces and angular steps.  Our C W Sellors collection exudes a mesmerizing aura through a number of inspirational designs that bestow a level of beauty. Suspended among diamonds and white gold embellishments, the Tanzanite Stone symbolises a clarity and purity which is mirrored through our immaculate contours and precision-cut angles. Our Tanzanite collection embodies the hypnotic nature of this relatively abundant mineral, allowing for a blend of both contemporary and classical styles to illustrate a level of refined versatility. We feature various Tanzanite necklaces, Tanzanite earrings and Tanzanite pendants within our collection to effortlessly capture the organic beauty of this naturally forming delight. Thought to behold high vibrational energy, Tanzanite is used for spiritual exploration and psychic protection, yet it is the exceptionally cut facets that have been perfected to maximise its shine and sparkle courtesy of our skilled jewellery creators within our in-house workshops. Tanzanite is one of only two gemstones in the world to clearly exhibit two colours at once – a unique interpretation of natural beauty, encapsulated within our sensational interpretations at C W Sellors.

Our Tanzanite Diamond Double 18ct White Gold Ring http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/tivon-tanzanite-and-diamond-ring-rw-1048-tz at £1775.00 is a sophisticated blend of contemporary, fine diamond set swirls and sweeping angles, finished with two eye-catching oval-shaped, precision-cut Tanzanite gemstones which sit shoulder to shoulder together in a firm embrace. The ring makes a perfect anniversary or birthday gift for that special loved one.

Our Tanzanite 3 Stone Diamond and White Gold Pendant http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/tivon-tanzanite-and-diamond-pendant-pw0312tz priced at £825.00 is a particular favourite of ours. Dressed on a stunning 18ct white gold chain, the three droplet shapes of Tanzanite create the perfect contrast against a purity offered by two fine diamonds which sit in between each Trilliant-cut Tanzanite stone.


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