Swarovski Jewellery Collections

At Swarovski, technological innovation is a way of life. It is a belief. Using a number of interchangeable settings and materials with each new design, the technicians and jewellery makers at the Swarovski head quarters work with ultimate precision and a clear vision in mind to achieve perfection in their every creation.

Founded by Daniel Swarovski, the family-owned company has been working with crystals since the year of 1895, treating the precious stone as an inspiration rather than a material. The sparkling, mesmerising matter has been crafted into thousands of different shapes and designs over the years, each one allowing lovers from around the globe to interpret its natural and effortless beauty in varied ways. Considering Swarovski creations are extremely intricate in their immaculate designs and graceful nature, the energy which radiates from the very centre of the clear structure evokes a sense of space and clarity. Swarovski creations are constantly reinventing themselves in many different forms and concepts. The power of a singular crystal has proved immense, as people marvel over the way that its profile can manipulate beams of lights and refract them back with fascinating wonder at every possible angle. Since the birth of Swarovski crystals, the captivating raw material has been used to celebrate the joy of innovation whilst also reflecting poetic craftsmanship.

C W Sellors boast a large hand-picked selection of the finest Swarovski crystal designs. Woven into both contemporary and traditional jewellery pieces, the Austrian sensations depict a timeless appeal whilst encouraging self expression. Swarovski’s collaborative work with a number of top-class designers have contributed to some of our most eye-catching pieces to date. The brand have worked with myriad colours along with various shapes, patterns and styles to create a palette that is abundant in inspiration. Swarovski’s fine use of materials have led to rose gold, rhodium and gold plated designs which interact with their remarkable choice in colourful crystal. Our Swarovski earrings, Swarovski necklaces, Swarovski bracelets and Swarovski rings are all perfect demonstrations of the brand’s high standards of excellence and incredible skill.

The Swarovski Spiral collection showcases a number of beautiful rhodium, gold plated and rose gold rings which project a strong chic statement. Perfect for a special gift, the Swarovski Spiral Rhodium Ring 

priced at £99.00 is made up of two clear crystal pave bands which interlock with a plain sleek band. The design is simplistic yet one which culminate a hugely glamorous presence.

The Swarovski Stardust collection implements small glittering crystals enclosed within a nylon tube, finished with a sophisticated silver clasp. Our C W Sellors selection hosts an incredible variation of colour choices to allow the wearer to achieve an instant stacking style to compliment any outfit. 


The Swarovski Tactic collection sits at the most contemporary end of their creative spectrum. A strong sense of purity emanates from the smooth yet clean cut contours of each immaculate design within this highly established collection. Emphasising a glamorous elegance through the use of clear sparkling pave set crystals, this pair of Swarovski Tactic earrings can tempt even the slightly less indulgent type. 

A synonymous charm can easily be achieved by choosing from a multitude of rhodium-based designs from either the Tactic or another similar Swarovski collection to match this sensational design.

The designers at Swarovski crystals produce beautiful accessories by incorporating different techniques into their designs for example; Crystal Mesh TM, Crystal Rocks and connected crystals. By fusing ideas together and exploring the realms of creativity, Swarovski have discovered many recipes for success by playing with volumes and textures as part of their experimental journey. As a result their prestigious collections attract admirers from all over the world who seek the guilty pleasure of adoring their skin with ultimate Swarovski luxury.

Our full Swarovski collections can be viewed here.