Chamilia Charms and Bracelets

The Chamilia collection encourages wearer’s to live in the moment and savour every memorable experience that the world has to offer. Life is fast paced and ever-changing, full of peaks and twists, turns of fate and surprises. Chamilia welcomes people into their world – a life to be lived with purpose. Their unique and innovative designs offer a glimpse into the inspiration and style behind each new creation. The interpretation of their contemporary selection of beads and charms is limitless – everyone will have their own story to tell behind their chosen jewellery pieces. The collectables are ever-evolving  and promote a sense of freedom and expression.

C W Sellors offer a beautiful selection of Chamilia novelties, each one allowing the wearer to appreciate joy within the ordinary. Meaningful moments can be treasured for a lifetime as these gifts find a home on the wrists of those celebrating birthdays, anniversaries graduations and many other events close to the heart. Each Chamilia jewellery bead is nurtured with love and raised under the strictest of quality control standards, continually pursuing the perfect blend between traditional craftsmanship and new technology. Using a varied colour palette, the Chamilia beads and charms are crafted from a beautiful spectrum of iridescent oranges, purples, turquoises and reds, with many more colours acting as wonderful contrasts against the deep hues found within their Cubic Zirconia arrangements.

The Classic Chamilia collection offers the widest variety of timeless elements from the colourfully playful, to the sophisticated elan. Blended with a vibrant assortment of Swarovski crystals, Marano glass beads and sterling silver frames, Chamilia charms can be chosen to express individuality and dynamic imagination. Here we offer a few inspirational ideas which work well together to create a fresh and trendy look this summer. Hand-picked from our C W Sellors selection of Chamilia beads and charms, these interchangeable options can be complemented with stacked sterling silver bracelets and chunky ring bands for a more intense statement.

The Playful look:


The Chamilia In My Heart Locket Charm:


The Chamilia  Silver Heart Filigree Charm:



Chamilai Radiant Heart Pink Earrings:


This trio of elegance works perfectly for a subtle yet playful look. The pale rose colours matched within the pink Swarovski crystals of both the earrings and the charm create a wonderful contrast against the sterling silver which encases the designs and the bold carvings of the Filigree charm.

The Boho Chic look:

The Chamilia 25ct Gold Collection Sunrise Gold Charm:


The Chamilia Iridescent Orange Spin Charm:



The Chamilia Lock Freedom Hibiscus Flower:


This 21st century spin on the boho look allows for a colourful injection of energy to this three-piece charm collaboration. The simplicity of the silver Hibiscus Charm breaks up the intensity of colour allowing for a relaxed statement which can be complemented with casual beach wear during those hot summer evenings.

The Retro look:

The Chamilia London Bus Charm:


The Chamilia Camera Charm:



The Chamilia Union Jack Charm:


This selection of iconic images brings together the culture of British heritage. Fused with an energetic use of colour, these retro symbols evoke a timeless and adventurous statement. The Piccadilly bus and Union Jack share the same bold red hue, permeated by the chunky solid sterling silver camera charm. The perfect combination of classic style and eye-catching boldness.