George Jensen


Representing 100 years of quality craftsmanship with a strong, contemporary aesthetic, the Georg Jensen collections are small reflections of the intricate detailing and keen attention to detail required for the making of such captivating masterpieces.

The Danish silversmith who founded the company based in Copenhagen, initially dedicated his time and efforts towards the sculpting and ceramics industry. That was until his collaborative energies were fused with acclaimed arts and crafts designer, Mogens Ballin who encouraged Georg Jensen to turn his interests to the organically-balanced expressions within Art Nouveau! From this milestone onwards, an entirely new tradition of silversmith was born, resulting in an array of brooches, earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants to formulate - all of which featured designs based on birds, animals, bunches of grapes and flower arrangements. Georg Jensen’s signature designs incorporated a pebbled surface etched into his oxidised sterling silver creations to add a distinctive tint and a significant depth to his finishes. Locally quarried stones such as Malachite, Opal and Agate were them implemented into his jewellery pieces to offer an exclusive fineness with a distinctively rare charm.

The collections that we come to instantly recognise as Georg Jenson jewellery creations today, are those which have been influenced by fine lines and a symmetrical beauty. C. W Sellors stock a compelling collection of Georg Jensen pieces which have evolved from those earlier designs which drew heavily on organic shapes and motifs, tendrils, berries, pods and flowers. With a unique take on the styles of the 20th century, the George Jensen collections are blended tastefully with modern trends and clean sweeping contours. The magnificence of these creations which we present within our C. W Sellors range, adopt a timeless attraction that can be readily appreciated by everyone with an affinity to ultimate luxury.

The Centenery collection appeals to ladies due to its simplistic beauty. The placement of each brilliant cut diamond of the Georg Jensen Centenery earrings in yellow gold ( priced at £4560.00, catch just the right amount of light to emit a wonderful sparkle. The setting of the earrings create a frame for the diamonds, allowing for the purity and elegance within its timeless design to radiate through.


The George Jensen Aurora collection is another interpretation of elegance and splendour with its dynamic detailing allowing for a multitude of interchangeable looks depending on the occasion. The Georg Jensen Aurora bracelet with brilliant cut diamonds on an 18ct white gold chain ( priced at £725.00, is a dainty piece for the most feminine of wrists and achieves a stark, minimalist contrast against the wearer’s skin.

The George Jensen Alliance collections symbolises bold angles and contemporary lines, creating an eye catching extra to go with sophisticated attire. Made solely from silver, the George Jensen Alliance ring ( priced at £160.00, seen here to accentuate its dynamic profile with the “melted bar” look, reinforces the brand’s cutting edge creativity and unique imaginative skill.


Finally, for a more serene and sensitive statement, the Georg Jensen Magic collection illustrates a level of glamour and desirability. Reflecting the heritage of the Danish brand, the designs which blend brilliant cut diamonds with freshwater pearls is a look which has been brought back out of the archives and re-done with a sleeker and slimmer look. The Georg Jensen Magic earrings dressed in 18ct yellow gold ( priced at £1470.00 use the contrasts from the pearls suspended in droplet form, against the breathtaking sparkle of the diamonds captured against the skin to reach an enchanting, vintage finish.


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