Yoko Pearls

Yoko London Pearls specialise in the crafting of sensational jewellery pieces that effortlessly navigate that fine line between contemporary elegance and classic innovation. Their rare pearls from all around the globe feature insatiable colours in dreamy spheres of various shapes and sizes and have become a reflection of Yoko’s commitment to excellence over the last 41 years. The Yoko London team dedicate their patience and a keen eye for detail to ensure that their creations are no less than perfect each time. The expert designers at Yoko London headquarters are prepared to wait out a number of harvests in order to collect that one pearl in which they may have been waiting for to complete their latest creation of exceptional beauty.

Although pearl is often considered a gemstone, it is formed from organic matter rather than a mineral. Found inside living oysters in both freshwater and saltwater environments, pearls are created from a reaction which builds between the oyster’s mantle (the part which produces the shell) and the shell itself. Layers and layers of the nacre substance continuously build until a globe of shimmering, iridescent, lustrous glow emanates from its silky surface. The birth of a pearl is a truly miraculous event and one which hits radars in all four corners of the earth. Cherishing this rare occurrence, Yoko London have been known to take a whole year locating one pearl to incorporate into one single design.

It was not until the year of 1979 that founders of Yoko London, Mehdi Hakimian and his son, Michael began to focus their talents on the business of pearls. They began their success by investing in the largest and rarest pearls in the world, growing their collections by trading with the most exquisite pearl experts of this time. With a selection boasting unusual colours and sizes, a niche market suddenly became established with the help of fashionable icons of the decade, increasing the demand for such beautiful items of jewellery. Setting trends for the future of pearl wearing, Princess Diana made a statement of ultimate elegance and was frequently seen tastefully adorned in these unique treasures of the sea. In 2003, Yoko acquired a pearl the size of a hen’s egg. The 35mm long discovery was sold to a renowned Bond Street client and shortly afterwards, Yoko became inspired to begin their creation of exquisite pearl jewellery. Designing stunning collections of pearl jewellery pieces, Yoko London’s creations remain at the forefront of jewellery trends and in 2013, the brand received recognition for their influence within the world of high-end luxurious jewellery manufacturing by having three of their masterpieces displayed at the V&A Museum exhibition.

Yoko London Pearls are hand -picked for each individual design by the gifted craftsmen and designers which work together to create show-stopping pieces, finished with a purely elegant touch. The Yoko Diamond and White Pearl Drops which we feature in our earring collection priced at £3670.00 (
http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/collections/yoko-pearls/products/europearls-diamond-and-white-pearl-drop-earrings-yet0154-7w-ehy) are an ideal illustration of the brand’s unique ability to fuse the incredible allure of the Southsea White Pearl with the beauty of a diamond embellished 18ct white gold pear-top style earring. The elegant contours which embrace the 11mm pearls are a reflection of the natural constitutions of the deep sea environment, raising elements of simplicity to a level of art.


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