Shaun Leane

The Shaun Leane jewellery collection artfully blends the skills and craftsmanship of traditional jewellery engineering with contemporary elegance. Perfecting the art of mounting the very finest of high-end diamonds with the techniques gained from his antique restorations, the Shaun Leane experience is now a treasured and highly renowned example of one man’s capability and determination.

With the belief that “We cannot look to the future of design without remembering our past”, Shaun Leane invests all of his focus and drive in creating pieces of jewellery which embody both aspects of time with a beautifully unique style. With a number of sensational collections that represent the brand’s passion for innovation, we take a look at our most favourite at C W Sellors.

The Cherry Blossom Collection;

Inspired by the form and nature of the Genus Prunus tree - the Japanese Cherry Blossom, Shaun Leane uses a number of distinguishable characteristics to represent the beautiful collection of jewellery pieces consisting of soft pinks and gentle peaches encapsulated within subtle contours made from sterling silver. Legend has it that the Japanese Cherry Blossom grew from seeds that were scattered by a goddess from Mount Fuji, leaving a symbol of mystic beauty and allure behind for all to admire. Similar to Shaun Leane’s collection of today’s age, the jewellery pieces adopt the graceful nature of the pink tree, with designs of the flower and bud crafted into various rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.


The tranquil colour combinations of the Shaun Leane Cherry Blossom collection allows for a number of interchangeable looks depending on the wearer’s chosen outfit. Matched perfectly with a summer dress, the Shaun Leane Branch bracelet in rose gold ( priced at £695.00, is the perfect illustration of the creator’s fine use of white enamel flowers combined with freshwater pearls and diamonds to envisage an elegant display of nature-inspired beauty.



The Aurora Collection:

With design cues taken from one of the most breathtaking visual experiences that the world offers us, the Aurora Borealis-inspired collection provides an opportunity for Shaune Leane to express a sense of togetherness and desire within his beautiful creations. With combinations that use Aquamarine and white diamonds, to the more feminine-infused Pink Tourmalines and Morganite displays, the selection evokes passion and an eye-catching beauty through its vibrant colour mixes. The Sean Leane Aurora 18ct white gold ring ( at £1730.00, is tastefully encrusted with pave set rubies and embellished with one central round Rhodalte. When stacked with other additions of the Aurora collection, the stylish white gold ring amounts to a breathtaking statement piece.


Shaun Leane’s trip to Africa inspired him to create the Horn collection. Dressed in dark silvers and sculpted to perfection, the range consists of a potent blend of primal and contemporary visions.  The individual Sean Leane Horn jewellery pieces offer a unique style for anyone looking to express their personality through the art of hand crafted jewellery. Continuing with new and innovative ideas to grace the 21st Century, Sean Leane chooses to implement the range with dark oxidised silver horns to embody stealth and confidence.


As seen in this necklace horn ( at £280.00 with cross and Latin button charm and a single pearl, the piece effortlessly captures the wildlife of one of the world’s most diverse continents. The silver which has been exposed to oxygen in a pressurised environment for long periods of time, results in a rustic-looking piece to wear for all manner of occasions.


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