Marco Bicego

At CW Sellors, we are all about culture and spirit. We take our personal passions beyond unimaginable limits, taking inspiration from masters of art and skilful designers that surround and enrich our industry. Marco Bicego jewellery collections are a unique synthesis between contemporary designs and classic elegance. Their seamless creations in the jewellery universe demonstrate a dominating presence via the skilful manipulation of gold which effortlessly transcends into themes of pre-modern Italy. We choose the finest selections from Marco Bicego’s innovations to parade our favourite qualities which we feel add leverage to their prestigious reputation.  The collection swims in colourful beach-washed shades and intertwines them with organic shapes and cutting edge technology. Our hand selected Marco Bicego pieces take direction from Old World Italian traditions and finely execute them into artesian reflections of modern sensibilities. We share with you, three magnetising assortments from our Marco Bicego offerings, to illustrate the magnetising attraction of their masterpieces.  

The Murano Collection

The exquisite Murano collection ( a colourful palette of Venetian inspired gemstones that have been chosen to interrelate with each other for a breathtaking finish. Taking strong inspirations from architectural expression, the pieces take the form of fascinating irregular shapes and geometrical angles to characterise the Marco Bicego’s signature stamp.

Influenced by the reflections, formations and ripples of the Venetian sea during dusky hours, the darkest form of twilight brings out the most beautiful shades of lilac mists, thistles and chalk violets residing in Iolite, African Amethyst and London Topaz gemstones, found to inhabit the collection. The Marco Bicego Murano 3 stone piece ( priced at £1030.00 is immersed in a stunning bouquet of collaborative energy resonating from the Lemon Citrine, Blue Topaz and Pink Tourmaline stones set in an 18ct yellow gold three claw set.

The piece makes for a perfect gift for those who seek beauty in the story that lies behind simplistic finery. The polished finish to this piece interacts with surrounding yellow gold elements that have been hand engraved with the Bulino technique adding small, thoughtful detail to the remarkable band.

The Siviglia Collection:

Personifying an unmistakably refined look, the artfully designed Siviglia collection with sophistication and complexity to create pure perfection. The collection consists of chains that connect gold beads together to form a network of disorganised allure.

The Jaipur Collection:
This Marco Bicego collection ticks all of the boxes for those who like to keep their jewellery statements low key and modest. Uniting an unfussy design with charming subtleties, the pieces from the Siviglia collection, match perfectly with stacked accessories for a desirable status. The hand engraving technique brings out a warm glowing sheen of golden light, enriched by a projection of elegance from the lustrous diamond embellishments that dominate a number of pieces within the collection. The Marco Bicego Siviglia necklace ( priced at £1340.00 features a number of brushed oval nuggets in 18ct yellow gold which are perfectly arranged along a fine gold chain – the ideal finishing touches to create the boho-chic look.


The artistically outlined Jaipur collection ( from Marco Bicego symbolises yet another strong connection with Italian infused beauty. The dominating characteristics of this collection culminate bold statements, yet also allow for personal expression, so these pieces are perfect for simple day-to-day wear or a trip to the beach. Elegant notes permeate through the links of this Marco Bicego Jaipur bracelet ( made from 18ct yellow gold and detailed with the distinctive Bulino technique.  The bangle priced at £3240.00 works immediately well with other matching sensations from the collection or can alternatively capture the solo look effortlessly.