Mikimoto Jewellery

CW Sellors continue to nurture their long established relationship with Mikimoto – Originators of Cultured Pearls, by showcasing the finest selection of their timelessly classic creations. Draped in mysterious shades of alluring beauty, these stunningly delicate orbs of light are the symbol of Mikimoto’s energy and desire to dress the ladies of the world in ultimate magnificence.

Perfecting the art of jewellery making, the brand control their productions from start to finish, incorporating only the highest grade of materials and their finest craftsman skills to produce some of the most captivating works of art, ever to be admired. Choosing the finest silk thread for their pearl strands and 18 Karat gold or platinum for the basis of their innovative designs, Mikimoto infuses elements of the raw environment which surround their pearl’s natural habitat, with a contemporary sophistication. The fluidity of the sea water through smooth and sumptuous contours, the atmospheric grey and silver colour contrasts reiterating the turbulent, stormy waves of the shore and the milky blues and misty pinks found within the shells on the sea bed are distinguishable attributes found within the DNA of all Mikimoto designs. What we love best about Mikimoto is that the brand brings a unique selection of elevating characteristics, niche to the world of pearl harvesting, and encapsulates them within a timelessly classic gift to be treasured for a lifetime. Individuality within each pearl is similar to that of a fingerprint, allowing for a story to unfold with each Mikomoto ring, Mikimoto necklace or Mikimoto earring set. Kokichi Mikimoto, founder of the company, began the journey of pearl harvesting by cultivating his first very own pearl in 1893 – a product of passion, dedication and love. Since then this ethos has become the guiding force of the Mikimoto house, influencing the growth and development of the company and setting bench marks for aspiring jewellery makers all over the world. Here at CW Sellors, we take a look at our top three most inspirational Mikimoto pearl collections:

The Blossom collection:

Reflecting the purity of the ocean, the Mikimoto Blossom collection portrays a glorious symphony of gracious charm. Warming tones from the petals of pink sapphire diamonds float over the cool lilacs emerging from the Japanese Akoya cultured pearls as seen in the Mikimoto Blossom Pearl Ring http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/mikimoto-blossom-ring-prh5468sdw priced at £1200.00 which is nested within an 18ct white gold metal, creating a vision of organic simplicity. The Mikomoto Blossom collection fuses perfect ideals from both the nautical world and the natural gemstone cosmos.

The Bubble collection:

Embellished in a breathtaking spray of diamonds, the Mikimoto Bubble collection culminates the dynamic movement between thin spheres of liquid to form a beautiful illusion of bubbles forming out of the iridescent interior shell that fosters the pearl itself. The nacreous gemstones formed from organic matter and with a superior lustre, embrace an inner light - a radiating brilliance which diffuses from the flush contours of each beautifully developed sphere. The Mikimoto Bubble pearl necklace http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/mikimoto-bobble-necklace priced at £1050.00 is an 18ct yellow gold creation featuring a set of five 4.75mm – 6.25mm Akoya pearls with four 0.05ct diamonds woven in between. A great accomplishment which compliments a selection of matching items when opting for the full, undiluted Mikimoto pearl experience.

The Classic collection;

Mirroring the brand’s quest for perfection, the Mikimoto classic collection covers a vast array of stunning diamond and pearl pieces which reflects the mysterious wonder of the sea. The Mikimoto Drop style Pearl earrings http://www.cwsellors.co.uk/products/mikimoto-white-gold-and-pearl-earrings finished in an 18ct white gold metal are a true representation of the brand’s imaginative desire to capture the soft harmonic layers of the South Sea pearls, whilst encouraging the brilliance of their gentle milky tones to emanate through with a quality that outshines the usual.

Whether it be the oceanic-inspired elements of Mikimoto’s rare designs, or just the purity found within the lustrous gems of the sea themselves, our compelling collection of finest Mikimoto pearl pieces are sure to connect with the skin, forming a flourishing relationship between man and mystique.