Fope Jewellery

There are very few world-established jewellers today who can successfully apply an exquisite selection of innovative techniques to their designs, whilst also remaining true to their traditional heritage, yet Fope manage this effortlessly.

Fope is one of CW Sellors most loved jewellery brands. To us, their finished pieces stand for artisanal skill and creativity. Building on core strengths and with unimaginable drive to move with the times, Fope apply current styles, blended with Italian-inspired beauty to produce a compelling collection of fine jewellery pieces. With a hugely desirable status, the Italian family-run business, established in 1929, continue with their ever-progressive technology. Their expertise spans from the original pencil sketches of their designs, right through to the precision of the machines, to create some of the most distinctive styles which inevitably run throughout the entirety of their versatile offerings, some of our most favourite collections which we will take a look at here....


Fope adopt a workmanship ethos that involves hand crafting, pushing the boundaries and refining their masterpieces to a level at which they reach their pinnacle of beauty. Culminating a visual enjoyment through woven web designs and immaculately sculpting contours, the Fope Solo collection allows for white and yellow golds to interact in complete harmony with one another, sparking a synergy of ever-increasing allure. A number of pieces from the Solo collection mirror the captivating essence of Fope’s strong, seductive presence such as the Flex It Solo Yellow Gold bracelet, which we feature for £4750.00. The piece embellishes the signature weave chain, boasting a collection of 7 rondels all represented in either 18ct yellow gold or 18ct white gold, whilst a larger diamond set rondel completes the focal point of the bracelet. The compact nature of the link design within Fope’s Solo Flex It range, makes for an easily wearable luxury statement whilst still capturing the essence of the brand with ease.

Wild Rose:

Fope’s Wild Rose collection features geometric shapes, crafted onto contemporary angles, allowing for the story of romantic impulse to unfold between the fine detailing of every piece. The Fope Wild Rose Yellow Gold and Diamond Necklace as seen in our Ashbourne or Bakewell store priced at £5385.00  is the perfect  example of quintessential elegance, laced with layers of splendour. Ideal for a special anniversary or sophisticated evening, the necklace which has been made from 18ct yellow gold, adopts a feel of purity and understated mystique.


The graceful Fope Vendrome collection adopts a flatter dimension to its geometric mesh whose designs play with gold weaves, bold square rondels and dramatic diamond paves. The Fope Flex It Vendrome 18 CT Rose Gold Ring priced at £1450.00 creates a flexible movement which is designed to fit snugly on the finger. The band of the 18ct rose gold ring features an 18ct white gold cushion adorned with diamonds. The elegant contours of the band forms an affinity with the skin, wrapping around the finger effortlessly. The iconic Fope Vendrome collection hosts a selection of attributes which tailor to any person’s needs, allowing for its designs to grow in popularity as its pieces become even more established.

Whether you cherish your very own Fope piece and aspire to increase your collection, or wish to dip your toes into the wonderful world of Fope innovations, please come along to one of our showrooms to experience hands on time with one of our prestigious Fope jewellery pieces. An attractive selection of exquisite bracelets, earrings and necklaces are available at our Bakewell and Ashbourne stores.